Might You Have Energy Interference?

From implants to beacons to strange devices that interfere with human energy, our team has been able to locate, deactivate, and dissolve a variety of implants and start the restoration process toward ultimate healing. If you think you might have an implant, here are some questions to ask yourself:

Do you feel:
You are on a mission here on Earth… you have a purpose in being here?
You are blocked from accomplishing your goals or stuck in your progress?
You are rejected or persecuted by others for no reason?
You don’t belong here, in your family, on this planet?
You are empathic toward everything around you?
You are being watched, monitored, or observed?

Do you think:
People don’t trust you.
You don’t trust yourself?
You are losing your mind?
You are missing blocks of time?
You might have been abducted?
Uncharacteristic negative thoughts?
Something is wrong with you?

Do you have:
Nightmares or night terrors?
Dreams about or fear of ETs?
A longing to leave this planet, to go home?
Memory lapses or loss of childhood memories?
Inability to visualize, meditate, or mentally connect to Source?
Low energy, lethargy, a feeling of hopelessness or helplessness?
Hypersensitivity to the world around you? Sounds, smells, people?
Sudden mood shifts – happy to outbursts of sadness, fear, or anger?
Unexplained physical symptoms, headaches, or health issues?
Idiopathic chronic illness, autoimmune disease?
Localized shifts in your energy field?

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If you are wondering if you are a lightworker… you most likely are. If you share compassion and care for others, be it through massage, Reiki, hair styling, chiropractic, teaching, caretaking of any kind… you are a lightworker!

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