Spirit Release Training

Learn a Step-By-Step Process complete with Didactic-Based Instruction, Demonstration, and Explanation.

spirit release imageDeveloped exclusively for Hypnotists & Hypnosis Trained Therapists

Do you have unexplained client resistance?
Is your energy depleted at the end of the day?
Would you like a process to ensure client success?

Do you have clients who struggle with negative energy interference? Are you able to recognize when clients are stuck in destructive patterns that seem out of their control? Would you like a step-by-step process to help them succeed? If you would like to understand how spirits, earthbound energies, entities, angels, and Guides affect the living, this transformational experience will change your life and enhance your practice.

In our Spirit Release Training program, you will learn a step-by-step process complete with didactic-based instruction, demonstration, and explanation. You will receive a Guidebook with scripts, tips, and case studies. In addition, you will participate in an in-person or online educational program that includes individual mentoring, video review and Mastermind resources.

Watch this brief introduction to learn more: (Watch for current dates on our Events page.)

We help hypnotists and therapists to identify, clarify, understand and use Spirit Release techniques.

A powerful learning opportunity, this online program is designed exclusively for spiritual hypnotists and therapists who use hypnosis in their practice and want to help their clients thrive AND their business flourish. In this course, you receive over 20 hours of video-based training presentations, demonstrations, explanations and case study reviews. In addition, you explore a step-by-step process, complete with Guidebook of scripts, tips, and case studies. The five bi-weekly video conference meetings are designed for you to ask questions, gain clarification and observe technique demonstrations. You also receive personalized coaching to develop your technique. Mastermind group participation is optional, yet well advised. Join this user-friendly, academically-based program to help you, and your clients attain peace of mind, body, and spirit.

You establish processes that have a positive impact on your clients and practice.

In this interactive workshop, you can expect to:

  • Develop techniques to help clients connect with angels, guides and/or passed over loved ones.
  • Understand the difference between past lives, earth-bound spirits and other entities.
  • Practice powerful spirit release techniques to clear the energy around you and your clients.
  • Gain personalized mentoring while using specific tools to help clear your client’s energy.
  • Discover processes to keep your energy clear, spirit strong, and physical body healthy.
  • Receive on-going support on your journey in this new addition to your practice.
  • Be involved in a Mastermind Group to share cases and assist each other.

Join this transformational training program with

Lois Hermann, Board Certified Hypnotist & Spirit Specialist

Remote classes meet (5) Five Friday afternoons:

Look for Current dates and times on our Events page.

Classes are via Zoom Video Conference (You will receive detailed instructions.)

Cost of $1,111.00 includes Guidebook, Instruction, Mastermind Group and Personalized Mentoring!

We also offer early registration specials. Watch for them!

Hypnosis experience is required. By application and acceptance only.

Spirit Release Training Application

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