Relieve Stress 
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Discover Powerful Stress-Busting Tips to Reduce Your Stress
and Take Control of Your Life!


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Discover Powerful Stress Busting Tips To Control Stress and Empower Yourself for Success

Are you fed up with being exhausted all the time? Are you being pulled in ten directions at once? Does it feel like you spend ALL your time taking care of everything else? Is STRESS having a negative impact on your health, weight, marriage, or happiness? Would you like to be able to reduce stress and live a happy, healthy life? Our hypnosis sessions can help.

Stress has been proven to cause all sorts of disturbances and dis-ease in our body. It affects our mental, emotional, and physical health. It also affects those around us, both at work, and at home. It is a powerful emotion that interferes with our health and well-being on so many levels.

Learn to use the power of your mind to discover some easy and powerful hypnosis techniques to reduce stress and TRANSFORM your life! Learn to un-stress yourself so that you can handle stressful situations with ease. Develop simple techniques to stay calm and focused in any situation. Relate more readily to those people who tend to cause stress in your life. Become comfortable with some simple methods to regain a feeling of mastery over your life. Take control of the stress and your life as you go from stressful to successful.

Use the power of your mind, body, and spirit to make the changes needed to accomplish your goals. If self-sabotaging behavior is creating difficulty in your life… you can let go of those old patterns and embrace positive change. Like the anti-virus for the mind, our hypnosis and energy programs help you to remove self-limiting beliefs and teach you to reprogram yourself for optimal health, wealth, and happiness.

Are YOU ready to use the power of positive energy to embrace life’s changes, achieve your goals, and truly enjoy your life?

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What People Are Saying

“Stress and anxiety were affecting everything in my life. It was like a block, holding me back from true success in my professional and personal life. I learned to be more present, more relaxed, and more in control. The sessions didn’t change my work load, but they changed how I viewed it. In my personal life, the two don’t clash any more. I’m setting healthy boundaries. The process was fantastic, I felt very comfortable and relaxed. Lois offers a great mix of hypnosis work and professional coaching. I would absolutely recommend Lois Hermann to anyone struggling with business related stress.”
Jeremy F.

Regional Sales Manager

“I was overwhelmed, stressed, extremely anxious and depressed. I wasn’t sure what my goals were when I started. I just wanted to feel calmer. In the process, I learned more about myself and my strengths. This set me on a path to find happiness at work and home. Lois is so comfortable to be with, that the sessions were both relaxing and inspiring. Her knowledge and style of healing changed my path forever. I will always keep Lois in my ”toolbox”!”
Karen G.

Sr. Development Manager

“I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, and had a lot of stress issues in my life that I just couldn’t see how to deal with. I wasn’t taking care of myself and everything was suffering. I decided to try hypnosis to learn to deal with issues in my life in a more healthy way, to take control and be able to make decisions. I am much more relaxed when problems come up. I know I have the confidence to deal with them, to go to a very relaxed state, and to not have them affect me the way they used to. I now have the confidence to deal with stressful situations and not let them overcome me.”
Kathy M.

Medical Administration

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