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Learn Powerful Ways to Kick that Tobacco Habit once and for all. Embrace Better Health and a Longer Life.

Discover Powerful Techniques To Stop Smoking Forever With Hypnosis!smoker_iStock_000015611308Medium

Are you ready to stop smoking forever? How many times and how many ways have you tried to quit smoking in the past? Are you prepared to get rid of that old habit once and for all? Is YOUR SMOKING having a negative impact on your health, job, marriage, or happiness?

Hypnosis sessions are absolutely the best way to kick the old habit forever. Discover how easy it can be to put the pack down and never look back. Learn the powerful secret that THOUSANDS have used to TRANSFORM their lives… permanently! Let go of the old unproductive habit, stop smoking, and embrace healthy new choices… easily. Develop techniques to eliminate self-sabotage so that you stay on track. Master the skills that will lead you to enjoy your life as an ex-smoker, a former smoker, a non-smoker.

What makes our program so effective?

People who smoke realize the high risks, but it doesn’t prevent them from lighting up. This is because your subconscious mind has been conditioned (trained) to associate pleasure with smoking and pain with not smoking. Humans are instinctively driven to seek pleasure and avoid pain, so your brain works at a subconscious level to keep you smoking, even at the risk of sickness and death.

Because 80 percent of smoking stems from emotional habit, physical treatments like the Patch, nicotine gums, laser treatments, drugs, and even acupuncture, have a very low success rate. Hypnosis works directly on breaking the subconscious (emotional) smoking habit while decreasing (and often eliminating) physical withdrawal symptoms! That’s why hypnosis is such an effective and popular method to stop smoking and become a healthy, relaxed non-smoker!

Facts About Smoking:

  • The British Medical Association has recommended Hypnosis as the #1 tool for quitting smoking!
  • The U.S. Surgeon General states that every year more Americans die from tobacco than AIDS, alcohol, drugs, car accidents, murders, suicides, and fires, combined!
  • Tobacco use is killing one person every six seconds around the world! By the time you finish reading this, another smoker will have passed away.
  • Tobacco-related diseases account for more deaths in our state than any other cause.
  • New Hampshire taxpayers lose millions of dollars to smoking-related health costs!
  • Wealthy celebrities who could afford any service have chosen Hypnosis to stop smoking, including Ellen DeGeneres, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Sylvester Stallone, Drew Barrymore, and Britney Spears.

Myths About Smoking:

  • Smoking is relaxing. Fact: Smoking increases high blood pressure and stress.
  • It’s too difficult to quit. Fact: Hypnosis makes the experience relaxing and empowering.
  • You’ll gain weight. Fact: You’ll learn to replace smoking with self-hypnosis and relaxation, not food.

Are you ready to experience the freedom of being smoke free? Would you like to save a HUGE amount of money by becoming a non-smoker? Our Stop Smoking program has incredible results. We help people conquer their smoking pattern, break the habit, and overcome the physical struggle….with EASE! If you are ready to enjoy the freedom of being smoke-free, schedule your Initial Consultation. You will add years to your life and life to your years.


Use the power of your mind, body, and spirit to make the changes needed to accomplish your goals. If self-sabotaging behavior is creating difficulty in your life… you can let go of those old patterns and embrace positive change. Like the anti-virus for the mind, our hypnosis and energy programs help you to remove self-limiting beliefs and teach you to reprogram yourself for optimal health, wealth, and happiness.

Are YOU ready to use the power of positive energy to embrace life’s changes, achieve your goals, and truly enjoy your life?

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What People Are Saying

“I needed help to quit smoking. I’ve been smoking for 40 years and tried many times to quit cold turkey. It never worked. Now I’m looking forward to not smoking. The sessions were great, very calming and enlightening. It did a lot to help boost my ego as far as trying to help me get along the path that I really wanted to follow. I would definitely recommend Lois Hermann to anyone who wants to quit smoking.”
Mark P.

Financial Advisor

“I was smoking a pack a day and was looking to quit smoking with hypnosis. I went through the program with Lois and never looked back. It has been over five years since my last cigarette and it has changed a lot of things for me. Being smoke free has has made everything better, my health, my relationship with my young children, and my outlook on life. The sessions were great! I recommend them to everybody!”
Tony G.

Investment Banker

“I was seeking hypnosis so I could get to a comfortable place to stop smoking. Well, I stopped smoking… which is amazing. I also achieved greater serenity and less anxiety in my life, and a more positive outlook towards stress in general. I really enjoyed the sessions and thought the process was very thorough. I liked that there were several sessions and there were CDs to listen to help me remain focused on my goals on a daily basis.

I even came back to have Lois help me get over my lifelong fear of heights. This summer I found myself looking over Niagara Falls!”

Lynn C.

401 K Plan Administrator

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