Energy Clearing & Alignment Sessions

Clear, Align, and Balance The Energy Around Yourself, Your Space and Your Loved Ones.


Clear your energy, release the negative, and empower the positive.

Have you ever felt out of balance, confused, or lost in a mental or emotional fog? Do you experience unexplained emotions or feel uncomfortable in and around certain people or places? You may be surrounded by stagnant, blocked, or negative energy. We are all made of energy, and that energy can become stuck. Whether it be from your own issues, from others around you, or even from the energy in your environment, negative energies can affect your peace of mind, your body, and your spirit. You may need an energy clearing and alignment session to reboot, reset, and restore health, clarity, and vitality.

Our hypnosis-based sessions allow you to clear whatever is blocking the energy, that can be holding you back from achieving goals and creating the life you desire. We check on the energy in and around your auric field—the energy surrounding your physical body. In the process of clearing your energy, while in trance, you have the ability to clear your negative energy as well as the negative energy around your loved ones, your pets, your home or office. These negative energies come from a variety of sources. We are trained to recognize them, and shift interfering energies, akin to wiping the mud from your windshield. 

We can identify what the negative energy is and where it comes from. However, many people prefer to simply release it to a safe place. Once the negative energy is identified and cleared, you then learn ways to boost your energy to the positive. The mind becomes quieter, space is lighter, and people are so much happier.

As you become more clear, grounded, and aware, your habits readily change, your mindset shifts, and your focus is heightened. A sense of peace, lightness, and inner calm results. We believe so strongly in the benefits of these techniques that we incorporate one or more of these sessions in the work we do with clients on a regular basis. The results are remarkable.

Once cleared, we teach you how to establish healthy energy practices to keep your vision clear, your energy strong, and your mindset positive. You learn ways to maintain positive energy, while practicing daily spiritual hygiene to keep yourself strong, healthy, and empowered.

Shifting energies is the foundational work Lois writes about in her new book, Chronicles of Hope. Read more about the book on the website:

We look forward to bringing you and your family hope, peace, and joy.

familyWith hypnosis, you use the power of your mind to make the necessary changes you need to accomplish your goals. If self-sabotaging behavior is creating difficulty in your life… you can let go of those old patterns and embrace positive change. Like the anti-virus for the mind, our hypnosis programs help you to remove self-limiting beliefs and reprogram your mind for health, wealth, and happiness.

Are YOU ready to use the power of your mind to embrace life’s changes, achieve your goals, and truly enjoy your life?

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What People Are Saying

“Due to several years of undiagnosed Lyme Disease, my 15-year daughter developed severe anxiety, OCD and brain fog to the point of being a non-functioning teenager. As she was clearing tick borne infection, her body was getting physically stronger, but mental symptoms that she battled for years were lingering. Lois worked with her subconscious to let go of symptoms that her brain had grown accustom to producing, allowing her to move forward. Lois also released negative spiritual activity that had built up around her weakened immune system and taught her how to protect herself from this draining energy. My daughter is now a productive, happy student – healthier than ever.”

Christine S.

PR Manager

“Sometimes, along our way toward a sense of spiritual fulfillment and in our attempts to live mindfully in the present, our past becomes an obstacle and we get “stuck.” We need help in order to move forward. For me, I found that help in Lois Hermann and her spiritual guidance. I was better able to understand and value some of those people and loved ones in my life who came before me and helped shape my life over the years. Their spirits are with me as I journey through this life.
Sometimes those spirits have gone and come back to be beside me, but sometimes their spirits have not yet been lifted up to what waits beyond. Working with Lois, I was able to find ways to let those spirits be lifted up, to let them not be grounded within me, and to allow them to be free. It was that freedom, that lifting up of their spirits that in turn lifted my spirit, allowing me to be free to be me, now.

The spirits are always welcome as I continue my journey to live a life guided by my past and fulfilled in the present. The journey is never finished, just measured in time. But the spirits of my loved ones being with me is different now. We are all in a better place, unencumbered, separated by place and time, but together in spirit.

Yes, Lois, you have helped lift my spirits, as well has the spirits of those journeying with me, and we all thank you for your work and your expertise at what you do.”

Richard I.

IT Engineer

“I was feeling stuck in life with where to take my practice, money issues, and trying to find the whole balance. I came to see Lois as a recommendation form a colleague of mine. With the sessions, I was able to open up to the flow, to release a lot of unnecessary thoughts, and was able to reconnect to dreams and visions. It was almost like a reconnection of my soul.

The sessions have been enlightening. They have helped to clear some blockages and I feel like I am being back in tune. I will definitely recommend Lois to others if they are ready, because you have to be open to trust and believe in this work.”

Jen C.

Massage Therapist

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