Spirits of Amoskeag: The Wounded Heroes of the Manchester Mills — Soft Cover



A new book by Lois Hermann with Peter Paulson

Dear Reader,

Thank you for your interest in this historic mystery. We hope it will be as moving to you as it was to us while writing their story.

This book was written in response to a promise made ten years ago, a commitment given to a group of spirits who caused accidents to get our attention. They agreed to stop their activity and go into the light if we would publish their story. This spiritual mystery shares their compelling heart-wrenching stories woven through the journey of creating the book itself. This fascinating story was communicated by the Spirits of Amoskeag, the Wounded Heroes of the Manchester Mills.

We would like to hear your stories and personal insights that may shed light on the mysteries of the Spirits of Amoskeag. To share your thoughts and get more information about the book click HERE.

We are excited to announce the second printing of Spirits of Amoskeag now available in E-book at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and many on-line stores. Download your copy from your E-Reader, or just click HERE. This new E-book version includes many new color photos from the Manchester area.

Many Blessings,

Lois &  Peter