October 26, 2022 @ 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm
$22 - $222
Lois Hermann
Lightworker Energy Integrity Training Webinar

If you feel drained or struggle with taking on another’s negative energy after being around other people, you are not alone. You may be an empath who is sensitive to clients that are stuck in toxic energy patterns and feel their pain. You can learn some simple and effective tools to keep your energy clear, safe, and protected. As you learn to maintain healthy energy while working closely with your angels and Guides, you add even more value to your energy work. This energy training program will enhance your own vital energy and empower your intuitive abilities.

In our Lightworker Energy Integrity Training, you discover ways to keep yourself protected with in-depth explanations, demonstrations, and experiential exercises. Enjoy this modular online training program in the comfort of your home. This 6-hour program gives you the tools you need to stay protected and clear. After watching the modules, you have an opportunity to discuss what you learned with energy expert, Lois Hermann and her incredible team in this live webinar.

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We look forward to helping you clear and protect your energy!

Blessings of Light,
Lois Hermann & Team