Heartland Hypnosis Conference Presentations @ Heartland Hypnosis Conference
Apr 24 – Apr 26 all-day

Heartland Hypnosis Conference –

April 24 – 26, 2020, St. Louis, MO

Heartland Hypnosis Conference began in 2015 as a small regional educational conference which is now attended by hypnotists from 3 continents. With the generous help and support of his fellow hypnotists, The Rev. William Mitchell M.Div., has developed a premier conference for traditional, holistic and alternative practitioners that want to utilize Hypnotism for clinical, spiritual, and performance purposes. The purpose of this educational conference is to present ideas, techniques, information and methodologies to promote the effective and ethical use of Hypnotism to serve others.

I am excited to share several presentations at Heartland:


Inspiring HOPE with Hypnosis

Embracing the Power of the SUPER-Conscious Mind

Hypnotists are uniquely positioned to help clients get answers to life’s challenges by guiding them to tap into their Superconscious or Wise Mind. Since we are mind, body and spirit beings, helping the mind is only one part of the equation. When we assist clients to align all of themselves… mind,

body & spirit… into a state of balance, they embrace their full potential, become happy and at peace. As clients connect with their version of spirit, they discover hope.



Shift Your Client’s Energy for Profound Change

Auric Energy Clearing and Alignment with Hypnosis – 2-hour Workshop

We are energetic beings. Negative experiences and emotions create imbalances in our energy fields. Many clients are stuck in negativity and benefit from releasing draining energy, freeing them to embrace change. Hypnotists are uniquely positioned to help clients clear the negative from their auric energy. Lois Hermann has been hugely successful in assisting clients to breakthrough at powerful levels, guiding them to tap into their inner wisdom for lasting change. Learn how she works within their belief system, helping to clear negative thoughts, energies and more. Clients create profound shifts and permanent change for a healthy, positive, and inspired life.



Grow a Profitable Business without Expensive Advertising

Book your schedule solid with powerful business strategies

What if you could grow a solid hypnosis business without expensive advertising? Would you like to have the confidence of knowing your schedule is booked more than a month in advance? Board Certified Hypnotist, Lois Hermann is regularly booked months out with a waiting list of eager clients. As we use the power of the mind to help business professionals, we naturally grow our business. Learn powerful secrets from Lois’ 40 years in business and more than 20 years in hypnosis to become a recognized expert in your community. Confidently connect with others to fill your schedule with paying clients.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Many blessings,

Lois Hermann

HypnoBiz Conference Presentation – Inspiring HOPE with Hypnosis @ HypnoBiz
May 29 – May 31 all-day

HypnoBiz – New York

New York’s No.1 Hypnosis & NLP International Conference
May 29th – 31st, 2020

Will give you exclusive access to the very tips, tools, strategies, and lessons utilized by the biggest names in Hypnosis and NLP to help you take your skills, practice, and career to the next level!

Regardless of whether you’re new to HypnoBiz or have attended every year… there’s something to offer EVERYONE at our 2020 Conference.


I am excited to be sharing my presentation:

Inspiring HOPE with Hypnosis

Enhancing Health and Happiness with a Roadmap for Hope

With our world in crisis, many people have given up hope, and are ensconced in worry and negativity. Hypnotists are uniquely positioned to help clients shift their energy to the positive so they can raise their vibrational energy and receive answers to life’s challenges. As physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual beings, clients discover ways to align themselves, establishing a state of balance. Learn how to assist clients on their discovery journey, to inspire them with hope, so they can embrace their full potential, and achieve a happier, healthier life. As clients clear the negative energy and maintain the positive, they discover hope.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Many blessings,

Lois Hermann