🌟 Rekindle the Enchantment of Our Magical World – Inspiring Hope #207 features the incredible talents of John Thompson and Jody Bergsma. 🌟

Join this magical episode of Inspiring Hope as we explore the magical worlds Jody and John create, celebrating art, inspiration, and the beauty of our shared human experience.

John Thompson – President of Illumination Arts, has been a pioneer in publishing inspiring children’s books since 1979, with a focus on uplifting stories and brilliant illustrations. His journey began in 1976 with his travels to the mystical land of India, sparking a lifelong passion for energy and health.

Jody Bergsma – An acclaimed artist, gallery owner, and business owner, Jody has a diverse painting style spanning oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Known for her wildlife portraits and fantasy children’s illustrations, Jody began her artistic journey at age 13. Her self-taught watercolor technique, combined with her engineering background, results in unique geometric compositions. Jody blends ancient symbols with modern designs, creating art that connects us to our shared history and awakens memories in viewers.

Together, John and Jody have collaborated on six beautifully illustrated books. Jody has also created three best-selling inspiration decks, with a new deck, “A Light On the Path,” set to release in late 2024.

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