There has been a battle of good and evil raging around us for centuries if not millennia. Yet only those with eyes to see have truly been aware. With the chaos that has surfaced over the recent past, the light is shining brightly on what used to be relegated to the shadows. Sorcery, satanic rituals, and other demonic activities are now squarely in our faces, conditioning us to accept this as a new normal. Yet, it has awakened the light-warrior in some of us, to stand against the corruption infesting our schools, politics, religions, and medical community. People are suffering from the great unseen, and most are unaware of the root cause of their distress.

My guest today, Caprice Taylor has experienced intense demonic energy firsthand and lived to share her incredible story. Forced to leave her career as a critical care nurse, she now helps others transition in peace as a mortician. Her experiences with what she has been through will make your blood curdle and her first-hand knowledge of blood clots will make you take notice.

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