There is so much information out there it is hard to know truth from fiction. In a channeled session with Archangel Azrael, she tells us “The more you think you know, the less likely you are able to learn. When you understand how little you know, you are willing to accept new information.” There are many who have gained fascinating information, yet no one has all the answers or the complete recipe. Each person has unique insights that can be seen as ingredients that when blended together make way for greater awareness for us all.

Can you imagine being welcomed into a place of true community, one of acceptance, sincere validation, and a heart-centered connection? This type of caring community is where humanity’s future will thrive. What if we lived in a place of cooperation and collaboration without competition? Those who resonate with ego, control, and lack will miss the high vibrational boat and be left behind until they learn, especially humility. As we become open to share from the heart with those who are willing to learn, we gain more insight, form exponential ideas, and miracles happen. God Wins!

My guest today is a self-proclaimed apocoloptimist from Ireland. Mark Attwood is an amazingly gifted man who has gained much knowledge and true wisdom from experience. He shares insights as a poet, podcaster, and author of his new book “God Wins”. I met him through the Truth Tour and am mesmerized by his meaningful, eclectic poetry, and spicey spirituality. Today, he joins us to shine the light so that we may know in our hearts that as God Wins, we all win.

Take a listen to one of my very favorite poems by Mark. Be sure to watch it on his channel:
I See You – Mark Attwood –

The Mark Attwood Show – Adventures in a Cosmic Suit


*** So excited to be our first video show via Zoom. We have to perfect the live-streaming, but we did capture the recording to share. Enjoy!!!