Are you a free thinker who is determined to do what you can to maintain your own health and Wellness? I’ve been a holistic self-helper since the 80s when I went against the narrative of the time to birth my children naturally and “heaven forbid” nurse them! Much to the chagrin and distress of my own mother who thought I was crazy!

One of the most wonderful places on this earth, is to be surrounded by birds of a feather… others of like mind who flock together. It is uplifting to be with kindred souls who express their own unique passion. Empower yourself at the New Hampshire Evolution Expo on April 2nd at the Grappone Center in Concord, NH. Holistic professionals and wellness enthusiasts come together to share the latest ideas, discover helpful products, and find remedies that might be of benefit. It’s a magical opportunity to gather with, meet, and learn from other holistic-minded folks.

Stop by our Lois Hermann & Associates booth where our amazing team is offering ECA Reiki, ECA Massage, our beloved Books, and signature programs. Come to our presentation on Embracing Hope in a World of Change.

Today, let’s talk details with the founder, director, and amazing brainchild of the Holistic Pros Organization, Sonia Gaudette. I am delighted to have her on the show today… her energy is contagious! Let’s get happy together…

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