March winds do blow, and we shall have snow… At least that is the case here in New England. The winds of change are bringing in new snow, new insight, new awareness, new opportunities, new programs, new connections, and a new experience of war at our door. Did you notice there have been more than 20 rail disasters and factory explosions this year alone? Aside from destroying our food supply, our water systems, our land, and our air quality, what about the jobs that people held in those areas? All destroyed.

Can you see the pattern of toxic destruction that is rarely or underreported in the news? Personally, I could smell the chemicals in the air from the dark clouds that traveled to New England from the Ohio disaster. At least I know to use the air purifier in my home, the Juuva water pitcher to purify the water, Avini zeolites to remove toxic elements from my body, and other supplements to support my immune system to stay healthy. In addition, regularly practicing auric clearing exercises helps to keep my energy strong and protected. We must do what is necessary to support ourselves in this covert war that is rooted in good vs. evil. Those with eyes to see know that something is amiss. Empaths feel the lurking danger. There are a few truly awakened people who are doing something about it. We must take an action, any action, to make a difference. Follow the dedicated Truth Tour Freedom in Action team to learn more about what you can do in your own way to make a difference.

Spiritual Warriors

Our team of spiritual warriors battles toxic energies and entities daily. We encounter much in the unseen world of evil, sorcery, and toxic energy that is slung at innocent and unsuspecting victims. I know it sounds crazy, however, if you are on an ascension path of consciousness you’ll understand what I’m talking about. This topic may spark memories, validate what you already know, and possibly answer some unresolved questions. These past few years have been a magical journey into an awakening consciousness for our team. Grounded in decades of assisting clients with our unique spiritual energy clearings and helping lost souls find their way to the Light, we have been led to connect bigger, broader, and deeper into the mystery.

With our beloved Archangels and Masters doing the heavy lifting, we have encountered a variety of nasty extraterrestrials, from reptilians to tall Grays, and demonic sorcerers. We’ve shipped them and their followers by the thousands to a place where they will be held accountable for crimes against humanity. We have also rescued several mythical beings from races that we have only read about in fairy tales. Yet… have found them to be very real indeed in this 5th-dimensional world. We have created magical connections with small grays, gentle giants, enlightened Ewoks, mystical fairies, tiny Terrians, and even amazing inner earth dragons. Our client sessions to rescue lightworkers from the snares of evil have been like experiential chapters in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. The battle for mother earth is very real and together with our amazing guides, our team has experienced it on many levels.

Our Mission

Our mission is to rescue those who are on their own mission to help humanity in some way, yet feel stuck, blocked, or disconnected. We work as a team, some as Navigators on the journey, keeping our powerfully intuitive Communicators protected so that they may connect more clearly and meaningfully. As a Navigator who guides, scribes, and protects on these magical rescue missions, we are ever impressed with our valuable “A-team” Communicators. They brave these treacherous quests with their incredible powers of intuitive connection in order to empower others. Our Communicators are the experiential heart and sensitive empathic souls that connect directly with unseen energies. They fully experience horrific tragedies, brutal battles, exhilarating victories, and magical messages from the inner dimensional realms.

We have dedicated these past few years to helping rescue those who are ready to help themselves fight their own spiritual battles. We have so many stories to share that we don’t know where to start… Except to say that in the process of clearing the nasties, many star seeds are finding themselves awakening to their own powers in subtle ways. Our mission is to empower the lightworkers so that they may achieve their mission and their purpose. We are in the process of redesigning our website to more accurately reflect the work we do, and refining our wellness programs to best serve those who are ready for our team of spiritual personal trainers to encourage self-care and self-empowerment. We need all hands on deck right now to save our precious Mother Gaia and all that lives on her from the onslaught of negativity that is very, very real.

Many Blessings,
Lois Hermann & Team