Let’s RUMMMMMBBBBLE! Welcome to our first live-streamed show on Rumble! Hat’s off to those who helped get this first live-stream working with just a small glitch at the start. Then, it seemed to do very well. We’ll get this figured out!!! We’re transferring hundreds of videos from YouTube and shifting our energy to Rumble where are free to express ourselves without censorship. Please follow both of our Lois Hermann Rumble accounts until we figure out how to merge them!

In today’s show, Nick Sylvester and I have a lively chat about Regressive ETs, NPEs, Clones, AI, Chips, and much more!

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Are you awake and aware? Have you opened your sleepy eyes to all the changes going on around our world? I started asking questions a few years ago and discovered that the more questions I asked, the more questions needed to be asked. We are indeed living in the matrix where so many people go about their day completely unaware of what is going on right in front of their eyes. You can’t tell me that it’s normal to watch a satanic ritual fully displayed on the Grammys without questioning the level of depravity our world has sunk to. We aren’t in Mayberry any more folks! We are living in times of great unseen battles that most people are completely oblivious to. The cyber-intellectual-spiritual war is for the hearts, minds, and souls of the weakest among us, especially our children. When we look back at the most popular movies: Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, the Matrix, and more… we realize they were more documentary than fiction. We aren’t in Kansas anymore either! When observed with an open mind and clear vision, we see our world in a completely aware light and can’t unsee what we know to be true. However, we do have all that we need to survive and thrive through this time of global and galactic changes.

Today, I am honored to have on the show with me the great cosmic genius who caused my team to look at the world with new eyes and start asking bigger, broader, deeper galactic-based questions. Last year, Nick Sylvester challenged us to start asking the reptilian nasties we regularly encountered around our clients, exactly what they had been doing to the people, their subjects. As we started interrogating these interdimensional entities, what we discovered was beyond shocking! We went from sending the nasties into the light by the thousands to rescuing the ones they had injured by the hundreds of thousands. One client recently referred to our team as “star seed rebirthing doulas”! We are honored to rescue the beautiful light warriors who have sustained so much trauma caused by these devious soul-less entities. As we help to clear our loving lightworkers of spirits, entities, curses, and devices, they rebirth themselves into becoming who they came here to be… with the freedom to live their purpose and fulfill their true mission… We thank our incredible forwarding thinking friend Nick for causing us to dig deeper, think bigger, and ask better questions. You never know what you’re going to discover when you start asking the right questions. I wonder what challenges and changes Nick’s going to cause us to consider today?

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