Astrological Planetary Highlights For February 2023 By Chiron Astrology

February 5th – Full Moon in the sign of Leo

This could be time for major changes in relationships to occur. Tensions that had been building up since the beginning of this week may reach your climactic point. Tread carefully as this could be ending with unexpected, permanent consequences, and a public drama that is hard to live down.

February 10th – Mercury conjoins Pluto

With this pair teaming up, we can expect direct and intense communication. We take a deep dive into serious subjects, possibly dredging up the past. Issues of control, intimacy, secrets, manipulations, and power could come to the floor for one last look. A deep discovery for change could alter the way you think.

February 14th – Moon opposition Mars

Valentine’s day itself could be steamy, but not in a dreamy way! Relationships with women and the domestic atmosphere could prove difficult or tense at this time. At best it may be uneventful due to delays.

February 15th – Venus conjoins Neptune in the sign of Pisces

What a difference a day can make! This will have a dreamy and delicious effect on almost everyone. This is sure to be a day of healing and making up! Due to the waves of peace and serenity lead to feelings that our dreams are possible now. Asking, what exactly is this creative thing I want to make happen next year?

February 16th – Sun conjoins Saturn in the sign of Aquarius

This is a day when taking a cold hard look at things in our life is the best strategy and very much needed now before moving forward. Asking ourselves hard questions at this time of clarity will be beneficial.

As we make new commitments to our future progress, we gain determination and strength for the coming months ahead.

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