(*Got a strike on YouTube from an earlier show, so couldn’t record Sunday’s show. Plan B work-around… Uploaded the audio for you here!)

Do you ever feel like we are in the final frontier of healing modalities… We have so many options open to us… if we only look beyond for those things we can’t see with our eyes. Let’s talk about that unseen energy, experience our Sacred Space Exercise, and learn about Tachyon quantum healing technology that works inter-dimensionally and complements other healing modalities. Harlyene Goss will share how she came to discover this amazing healing modality and how you might benefit from Tachyon energy to repair, upgrade, and harmonize any imbalanced energy in your body.

Contact Harlyene at www.DancingHeart.us

Music: Star Trek – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykSrLwHGve4