Dear Family of Friends,

May this Christmas, Hanukah, and holiday season inspire you to create the best ever. With so much stress and uncertainty in our world today, take just a moment to reflect on what is most important to you. Is it health, security, home, or family? Use your incredible mind to remember a moment in time that was especially happy for you. Even if there is just one memory… lock that in your thoughts, feel it, hold it, savor it, and smile. Our imagination is vast and unlimited… as is our memory. Use your innate ability to re-member to bring joy into this treasured moment of now and create a pathway for a future based on the positive aspects you intend to manifest.

We have all been through trials and tribulations in our lives that teach us lessons that we most need to learn and prefer to avoid re-creating. Stop ruminating over them. Those memories only serve to recreate more of the same. We have also unknowingly been subjected to unseen energies that have limited our joy and subdued our ability to shine our light. Let’s work to change that too. There are many self-absorbed people in our world who drain our energy and inadvertently cause us to swerve off course. Protect yourself from all forms of negative energy and deflect any disturbance from the unseen world using the Creating Sacred Space exercise. Surround yourself with positive energy and those who truly intend to embrace peace through kindness and compassion.

Take just one waking moment each day, maybe before getting out of bed, to give thanks for all the blessings in your lives. Then send loving energy via thought and prayer to bless your day. Send loving energy to those in need, both living and past. When we send our love to help another it affects our lives in the most unsuspecting ways. We started the 8 @ 8 Universal Prayer for Peace some time ago. Join us in spending 8 minutes at 8 am or pm to hold loving thoughts, send positive energy to 8 people who could use a lift, or think of 8 things you are most grateful for. Our blessed Guardians are watching over us, protecting us, ever ready to assist when asked, and taking note of those who willingly extend love to others.

Whenever you need a positive energy boost, look up our amazing ECA team. We now offer Gift Certificates for our unique energy-uplifting sessions. We welcome you to join us and others of like mind in our Hope Community. As Jesus said in his channeled session, “Perhaps you could get humans to believe in what is real in the Universe, and not what they would like to be real.” Acknowledge the reality of the shadow in our world that focuses on greed, power, and drama. Glow your light to transform those aspects of our world into its real place of loving companionship focused on unity and oneness with all.

​​Spend time with someone you love and give the gift of time to someone in need. May your holiday be blessed with joyful moments. May your New Year bring health, happiness, and hope…

Many Blessings,
Lois Hermann & Team