Have you ever experienced a healing miracle that gives you hope? This time of year, everyone needs a little hope. We welcome the magic of Christmas and treasure the stories of miraculous healings. In the work our team has been called to do to illuminate the light workers, we have encountered special people who have survived against incredible odds. Some have endured horrific experiences with a sense of tenacity and dedication to their mission, an unknown purpose in being here. They possess an unshakable faith that truly passes understanding and a determination to follow that still inner voice that they know will lead them to a place of healing.

Today, I am honored to speak with a powerful duo who share their incredible miracle story. Glenna has been through extreme physical, mental, emotional, and financial crises, having survived a brutal dog attack. With her spiritual strength strong, steadfast, and resolute, her divine connection with Jesus and Abbah carried her through the darkest nights and continues to illuminate her path so that she shines her light to lead others.

Glenna and her beloved sister, Robben have stood side-by-side through the depths of despair, determined to discover healing remedies. They now share their story, insights, and amazing products so that others may embrace the process of healing body and mind through spirit. Enjoy today’s miracle story in this special holiday season. May their story inspire your own healing journey this Christmas.

Music: Kathy Mattea – Mary Did You Know https://youtu.be/1eueVMrIupQ