Living Our Truth

How many of you feel drained, discouraged, and disillusioned? We want to do something to make a difference, yet can’t find the time or energy. The crazy world around us creates disruption, drains our vitality, and is indeed a distraction. We live on one of the most beautiful planets in the universe, in one of the most amazing countries, yet don’t take the time to appreciate all that lives in, on, and around us. There are so many who take the resources of our world for granted and have let go of the drive to protect what we hold dear.

​​What does it take to see beyond the facade, embrace discernment, and stand in your truth? It takes a commitment to be yourself, honor your integrity, and the intention to be involved in something greater than yourself. Being in service to others is indeed why we are here. It is important to take care of ourselves first, yet it is imperative that we remember why we came to this beautiful planet in the first place. We must find a way to live our truth with authenticity and integrity while protecting the power that drives us.

Many people, especially star-seeds, know they are here on a mission, yet feel stuck, disempowered, or derailed in their efforts. Our clients express that they feel called to do something to make a difference, yet don’t know where to start, or worse are blocked by health or wealth issues. What if I told you our team has discovered the secret to getting to the root of the issues that rob our individual power in numerous sessions with amazing lightworkers? We have become adept at breaking the barriers to allow their energy to shine brightly, clearly, and effortlessly. Illuminating the lightworkers has become our mission, our passion, and our intense purpose as we assist in reclaiming our magnificent planet with love and light.

LEIT Program

As we come to stand in our truth and speak out about the unique session work we are involved in, people either get us or they walk away… and that is okay. We love to work with those who understand the importance of bringing the light of hope to humanity, of recharging our individual batteries while removing those who drain us individually and collectively. We have been given specific instructions concerning protection, healing, and empowerment across all levels of our energetic being. We detail those specifics in our LEIT (Lightworker Energy Integrity Training) program, which is made affordable to all.

In our private sessions, we work as a guided team to clear the auric energy of toxic muck, lift any lost souls safely into the light, identify and deactivate any artificial devices and remove all nefarious entities who may be monitoring the situation and draining precious energy. Our sessions are intense, yet beautifully welcomed by the star seeds and lightworkers who get it… those in the know. Our mission is to illuminate YOU… because you hold a key to humanity’s survival. Otherwise, the dark side would not have tried so hard to block or derail you and your bright light. If you understand this message, please reach out. We are here to lift your energy… to empower you to stand in your truth, allow you to grow, to glow, and to blow away the shadow.

Many Blessings,
Lois Hermann & Team

Truth Tour 2 – Coming to a City Near YOU

Join me with Team Hope and other amazing patriots at an upcoming Truth Tour 2 event near you! I am deeply impressed with the dedicated patriots who share their individual passion, stories, and insights for our country and our world. I’ll be speaking at the one in Boston on October 8th. Be sure to look us up when you get there! Get your Tickets for Truth Tour 2 HERE!