Where do we see hope in our world gone mad? There is so much confusion about what to believe, what is truth, what is illusion… what are people programmed to think. How can we shine the light of hope for those too blind to see? As a hypnotist, I can see the mental programming results in individuals based on their actions. In today’s show, Reverend Shirley Bloethe and I discuss the fear results we see in the people around us, and what we can do to help break the spell casting. Those of us awake and aware must be there to support the innocent victims when the ship goes down and they awaken in the terror. We can help them rebuild a world by shining the light of hope.

Spiritualist Church of Love and Light – A Christian Spiritualist Society (spiritualistloveandlight.org)

*** Special thanks to Stephanie McQuade for resurrecting the blotched YT video by adding all the lovely images.