Most people know that our world is in crisis. I was warned through a series of intense channeled sessions starting 5 years ago that Earth is at a tipping point and humanity is facing the next great apocalypse. There are two likely outcomes. Humanity must learn and grow, or humanity as we know it will vanish. A group of Guides who call themselves the Collective are always here to advise and guide, if only we learn to ask for their assistance.

30 years ago I was a diagnostic medical manager, plagued by a relationship with a toxic person who could use the powers of darkness for mental control and even direct energy zings to incite physical pain. It was a very real phenomenon that taught me much about the power of the unseen world. A parish priest taught me basic protection techniques that I used for myself and my children. Over time, I refined the process for what we are dealing with in this day and time. I am sharing what you can and should be doing to protect yourself and your loved ones from very real, yet unseen spiritual energy attacks.

Personal Protection

What started for me as personal protection for myself and my children led to a secret escape from a toxic relationship where I moved into a house with a ghost. And… my life has never been the same. Another neighborly priest taught me to communicate with the spirit of Judy who had shot herself in the head in my basement. I had no idea what I was doing as I sent her into the light. My young daughter would see the spirits and I communicated with them, sending them into what we called the light. I was taught early on to work with Archangel Michael, who would become my protector, my big brother, and my dearest friend. This phenomenon led me to a fascination with all things in the spiritual, angelic, and supernatural realm. Learning hypnosis, I discovered that most spontaneous past live recall encounters are not our own! They are the stories of the spirits who want someone to listen to them and help them get unstuck. It is often the spirit of a relative, an imaginary playmate who befriended you as a child, or possibly a nasty spirit who attached when you were vulnerable. Be they to help or disturb, each story is as unique as the people we know. I’ve spent 30 years helping spirits transition from this earth plane. Working with the Archangels, I have managed to direct thousands of earthbound spirits and strange Extraterrestrial entities to the place they belong for healing, life review, or resolution. The Archangels take them where they are supposed to go, I just consider myself the shipping department… like FedX!

Most of us are doing a good job keeping our physical selves healthy with our herbal teas, supplements, and EMF protection devices. We are keeping our emotional health uplifted by surrounding ourselves with supportive friends and limiting exposure to toxic people. We are maintaining mental health in this crazy world by avoiding the mind programming of the mainstream media narrative and learning from each other in order to grow strong together. What are you doing for your spiritual self?

Battle of Good and Evil

Most are unaware of the real battle of good and evil in the unseen spiritual realm that has been going on for centuries. In the past, our team typically recognizes disturbances by evaluating people’s auric field. We note changes in colors, shadows, cords, and attachments. Fast forward to 2021… working with our amazing Lightworker Alliance team, we realized that something about the auras had changed. We were consistently seeing murky, rusty, orange-tinged auras with metallic sparkles, speckles, bits, and bots. What was going on? How did this happen?

Mother Gaia came through in one of our powerful Lightworker journeys and told us we needed to call on her, that we were her children, and she could help us. She also said that metallic elements, like graphene oxide, did not belong in our bodies. Some metals were meant to be in hers, yet not all. She gave us a series of tools to clear our auras from the toxic elements we have been exposed to from our food, water, air, and the jabs some have taken or are exposed to. We have learned the importance of daily spiritual hygiene. Do you start and end your days by brushing your teeth? So why not adopt a method of spiritual health? We regularly start and end our days by cleaning up the grunge in our auric energy fields. We find family members, co-workers, and even our pets experiencing symptom relief from this simple auric cleanse. You can listen to the guided exercise led by Christine Peck on our radio show, or to me on a special info page on my website.

Lightworkers Under Attack

Yet wait… we’ve been shown even more! Learning to ask even more clarifying questions, we have discovered that many lightworkers or star seeds have been under attack to keep their light from shining brightly. Many have been implanted with devices to control, disturb, and disempower them. Working with spirits of reformed small greys, and gentle giants, we have identified dozens of people with the brightest light energy who were considered a threat to the dark side agenda. Even as young as the age of 2, these incredibly strong individuals were selected, abducted, and implanted with a variety of undetectable devices that have caused intense emotional, mental, and physical pain throughout their lives. From coils that cause an intense disturbance to beacons that cause others around them to attack for no good reason, to blockages on the pineal gland that interrupts the connection with the divine, and so much more… It is heartbreaking to know the suffering these amazing lightworkers have endured.

As we work to dismantle, disengage, and deactivate these devices, it is amazing to realize how incredibly resilient the human spirit truly is. Helping to re-empower the tortured lightworkers so they may fulfill their mission on the earth. It is amazing to watch them step into their power. Realizing that the dark ones feed on the energy of fear doled out to the masses, they are equally determined to interrupt the higher vibrational energies of the ones who have come here to assist in the battle. The dark ones are truly afraid of the power we exude when we share the light together as one. As much as we hear the good guys have won the battle, there are still renegade remnants of nasty ones operating under orders to disturb, disrupt, and destroy our brightest lights.

Daily Spiritual Hygiene

My truth is… you each must learn ways to protect yourselves and your families. Spirit has given our team tools of protection, healing, and empowerment and my mission is to share them with you. As a team, we have checked in on many people who are in the public eye. We have found only a few who are truly protected, surrounded by bright light. Most individuals are extremely vulnerable to attack, with murky auras from shedding exposure, and dark entities swarming around, waiting to attach. We even removed gremlins from the team on the Truth Tour and surrounded their amazing team with light beings for protection and empowerment. I was even attacked at one of the meetings. The dark side does not want the truth to be shared. Yet, the more that truth is told, the more it expands and grows. We must keep up the good work of spreading the truth.

The unseen world is as real as electricity when we acknowledge it. Getting help is as easy as asking, with discernment. Once you connect with a trusted spirit of the light, they will do whatever they can to keep you safe. In the words of a dear friend, there are millions of unemployed angels just waiting to be asked for their help. They look to us as the physical part of the team who sees the needs that humans have. We have the free will to ask and must realize that we are never on this mission alone. We are the sentient ones with the emotions to feel what must be done. Our unseen high-vibe angelic friends cannot interfere with our free will, yet are more than delighted to be asked, and overjoyed to participate with us in the clean-up of negativity on this beautiful world we share.

We must ask, believe, and receive the assistance of the Archangels with deep gratitude. They have given us much insight in their newly released book Chronicles of Hope: The Archangels. Purchase yours today for a very special rate of $2.99 at

Meanwhile, enjoy this guided imagery recording to help set your sacred space and clear your aura – at Keep yourself safe in light of high vibe energy and let us know how we may be of service on your journey of truth.

Many Blessings,
Lois Hermann and Team Hope