“We hear the call for help, but it saddens us that there is nothing we can do.
Humanity’s fate must remain in its own hands.”
— Archangel Azrael

Have you ever considered how much power there is in freedom? July 4th is Independence Day in the United States… a day that Americans celebrate our country’s freedom. Many of us also reflect on personal freedoms we have worked to establish based on independence from controlling situations that were devoid of freedom. Many relationships, be they romantic, familial, business-related, or governmental are based on a power-control dynamic that stifles one’s self-expression and constricts any ability for true freedom or empowerment.

Consider this interesting relationship between love, freedom, and power: Love without freedom takes away power. Power without love takes away freedom. Freedom without power takes away love. Conversely, in healthy situations… Love with freedom builds empowerment. Power guided by love gives freedom. Freedom with power embraces love. Think about this dynamic in your personal, work, community, and government relationships. What can you change to empower a world that embodies the power of freedom with love?

Join me on the Truth Tour with other freedom-inspired individuals who embrace the concept of empowered leadership based on love for fellow man, celebrating freedom for all. I will be sharing my experience with Tools for Sovereign Spiritual Energy in Harrisburg, PA on 7/15, and in Las Vegas, NV on 7/24. Embrace the freedom to be your authentic self in a world of truth, honesty, and integrity with spiritual tools for protection, healing, and empowerment.

Truth Tour – Tools for Sovereign Spiritual Energy – Lois Hermann & Associates

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