Native American Wisdom

As an Elder with Native American heritage, my connection with Spirit remains strong, even with these trying times for our collective Soul. I am learning, through the wonders of this tome, the deep entrenchment of ancestral memories we embody when entering physical form here on Earth. As the Archangels come forth with their teachings through Gary as the receiver, Lois as Interviewer/Scribe, and the support of Team Hope, my escalating awareness of knowledge presently inherent in this mind-body is constantly changing my perspective of what we already “know” vs what we are learning from birth forward.

The Archangels’ intent and candor in sharing these treasures at this time is vitally important for the continuing existence of our planet. With my re-reading of each chapter, I become more aware of the impact these words are creating to formulate peaceful action at personal, community, and worldwide levels. Now is the time… we must take action!

My brain is remembering what my Soul already knows, and I am excited to be here for this experience! Keeping an open mind as well as an open heart while receiving these messages has assisted me in remaining grounded during the instability of our world.

Grateful beyond measure to be here… now!
Grandmother Blue Crow

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