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Is your life in balance? Many of us recognize that the world around us is a bit crazy right now. We could all use a safe space, a place of respite in the midst of the insanity. If you seem to live in a state of disorganized clutter or feel uncomfortable or anxious in your place, you can make some simple changes to create an inviting space where you can feel comfortable, relaxed, and breathe. Using the principles of Feng Shui, you can create a safe haven in your home, office, and gardens. My husband just moved his office and I helped him arrange his new space using a Feng Shui map called a Bagua. One thing he wanted to be sure of was that there was no water in his fire corner. Don’t want water dousing his fame that’s for sure!

When you have a place to rest and recharge, you can release the stresses of the day. Years ago, I noticed, my clients would do well with their session work, yet when they return home, their habits, stresses, and discomfort returned. As I helped them use some simple tools of Feng Shui, they were able to establish a safe place to embrace healthy new habits, with peace of mind, body, and spirit. We all need a lesson or two in balancing our space. The tools in Feng Shui help us to do that.

When your car is out of alignment, you notice it just doesn’t run well. Similarly, when any part of us is out of alignment, we don’t operate to our full potential. It is important to keep our space clear, calm, and positively charged; our bodies, healthy and rested; our minds focused and learning; emotions fluid and dynamic; and our spirits positive and uplifted. We can work on having the most beautiful bodies, the smartest minds, the most controlled emotions; and high vibe spirits, yet if our physical space is a mess, the distracting energy will disturb the flow and create imbalance. Once your physical space, be it home, office, car, or gardens is in balance, it will help preserve the energy for all parts of you to thrive.

I am excited to swap stories about creating balance with my guest, Julie Rutkowski, a fellow Feng Shui consultant, and host of the Wicked Healthy Radio show, who also has many years of experience as a Registered Nurse. We are kindred sisters on many levels.

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