Many of us have questions about the unseen world and formulate ideas based on our experiences. If you listened to last week’s show with Nick Sylvester, you probably have lots of questions based on his fascinating comments about the cosmos and extraterrestrial life. We will definitely have Nick back on the show to share more of his amazing truths. If you listen to this on YouTube, please like, share, and type your questions in the comments section. You can also send questions and ideas about future shows to [email protected] We would love to hear from you.

Today, I am delighted to be joined in the studio by Christine Peck, one of my beloved Energy Consultants who has experienced much of what Nick spoke of in our session work. Except, she travels to the interdimensional world of the great unseen. Yes, we have encountered reptilians, greys, Orion’s, mantids, bots, hybrids, and a myriad of other strange creatures that some refer may to as demons, except they exist in another realm. We also encounter real-life nasty people in physical bodies who are soul-less, and we wonder what can be done to help any of them. Are they real? Is it our imagination? How do we know? Archangel Raphael tells us: “Proof denies faith.”

Think about those strange dreams, voices, or visions you have had. What caused them and what can be done about them? Wouldn’t you like to know what they’re all about? Christine and I discuss some of our unusual cases and the beings we encounter, even a small gray being who goes by the name Meter. We are seeing many more strange entities these days. People need to be aware that they really are not crazy, especially if you are a Lightworker, it may simply mean that you have been selected. You may have been targeted with simple spirits, nasty curses, or even implants that interfere with your health and happiness. In a moment, we will share more about what we have encountered and what you can do to protect, heal, and empower yourselves. Our Guides tell us we must learn from and return to the ways of the Native peoples. They knew more than we will ever know.

Native American Flute, Meditation Music: