What is the real truth of the cosmos? What do we really know about the universe and all that exists in the unseen world around us? If we knew more, would it help us with where we are today and lead us to a better place? We have been told there are many things we need to be aware of and trust in knowing there are forces of light and dark, good and evil, battling all around us.

Many interesting things, beings, and entities have come to light through my client sessions and while staying curious, I ask questions that lead me to discover even more questions yet to ask. How do we know what truth is? We must discern it for ourselves and pay attention to what resonates within us as validation. There are many falsehoods that we have long held as truths and many truths that have been depicted as fiction. Up is down, down is up, which way to turn? How do we know?

What is truth for each of us varies based on our experience, our perceptions, and belief systems which are dynamic and ever-evolving. There are some who truly believe in the unseen world, where both good and evil influence the lives of the everyday person. You come to know the presence of good by the light it exudes and how it makes you feel. Whether peaceful, elated, happy, or content… goodness glows. Similarly, you recognize evil by its darkness. You notice how being around those with self-serving malintent drains your energy, leaving you feeling sickened, weakened, or negative. You must also be careful of deceivers who appear at first blush to be positive yet leave us confused and conflicted. We must use discernment to know the difference. There are many different realms and levels in the unseen, we must pay attention to be awake and aware, or it will sneak up on us without us even knowing it.

There is much talk about helping people to wake up, yet there are so many levels of awakening, and our minds can only absorb so much at any given time. One thing we can do is to keep an open mind, stay curious, and keep asking questions. Our Guides have told us there is so much more beyond what our eyes can see, we must be open to exploring possibilities. Our world has been influenced by good and evil sources for a very long time. It is now time to be aware of what has happened historically so we can take measures to free ourselves from tyrannical control and prevent it from enslaving us again.

Today, we speak with an expert on all things in the cosmic realm. Nick Sylvester is a lifelong learner with a wealth of information to share on extraterrestrials and how they have impacted our society historically. Get ready to tap into the reality of other realms and prepare to have your mind blown with his extensive knowledge!

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