We know that we are here for a reason

The Archangels have told us that there is much despair across the world and that people will believe the wrong message as well as the right message. They said we must get people to ask questions, to learn for themselves, and discern their own answers. Are we inspiring people to use their intuitive knowing and ask those never-ending questions? As we encourage one another to ask questions, more questions can be asked than can ever be answered. There are no right answers and the only wrong ones are to the questions that were never asked.

Our world is changing before our eyes. People are becoming more awake and aware of deception and lies. Are we shining the light of joy and peace for others to model, or clouding judgment with fear, self-doubt, and division? Are you a lightworker, a way-shower who is here to bring insight to others? If you instinctively understand you are here on a mission, you are probably finding others of the like-minded tribe of soul-mate companions. All the trials of life start to make sense as you awaken to what you are here to accomplish. Let us awaken to hope, light, and peace as we ask the questions, get answers, and find ways to use discernment to discover the truth.

We know that we don’t know the real story.

One of the key elements of being a lightworker at this pivotal time is to truly comprehend the intensity of what is going on around us, gaining clarity with discernment. Although we may be saddened by the truths that are shown, there is a realization that the darkness has existed for a very long time. We are here right now to affect change individually, and collectively. We must use our gifts to hold the light of peace and love in the midst of what is transpiring around us. As we elevate our energy and hold space for others to catch up, we will ultimately create a world of peace.

Many know that our world has been in a different kind of war for some time. In war, it is the common people who have the most to lose. Their homes, their spouses, their children, their lives are the ones at risk. Whether we are from Ukraine, Canada, Russia, Australia, or America the only ones who have much to gain are the ones driving the war machine. Those with skin in the game be it in hidden money, suspicious alliances,  secret societies, illegal trade, or ill-gotten gain are pushing the narrative that leads to war. Watching the mainstream media is useless, we know their stories are designed to insight fear, amplify anger, through deception to rage. Push the normies far enough and they will embrace war.

What do we really know?

Most people live day-to-day lives in reasonable peace. We work for a living, have a roof over our heads, food on our plates, and family to love. Yet our way of life is exactly what is being threatened by the very people who are supposed to be protecting us. Hmmm… or are they really protecting their own best interests? How do we know who the good guys are? Were there really multiple bioweapons labs in Ukraine prepared to launch attacks against the Slavic people? Was this revolt designed to destroy these American-funded labs to protect innocent people from additional biochemical assaults like the one that came from Wuhan?

Why are so many of our politicians interested in Ukraine? How much money have they made from their investment in this country? Why does it seem that many members of the political elite have been caught with sticky fingers in the rich cookie jar of Ukraine? What is their true interest there? Why have American tax dollars been funding their weapons industry for decades? Why have our troops been training their military? Why are we so easily distracted by a potential clean-up of criminal activity across the world, while our own local dictators are posturing to enslave our citizens? Crazy questions right? Questions that are at risk of being censored by random fact-checkers. Who knows the answers? Certainly not me… I only have more questions to ask… don’t you?

We really don’t know too much.

Did you know that Ukraine used to be called Khazaria? Has there been a war raging among these Slavic countries since biblical days? Is there really a Khazarian mafia that runs deep and wide and is as old as time? Are we witnessing a battle designed to dismantle and destroy the corrupt hold on society? Do we really expect the good guys to kill innocent people? The elite has incited war for centuries while using the simple people as puppets to ultimately line their pockets. Do some research, there are many documentaries from credible people who have done extensive investigations. It makes for interesting historical education, which is much more entertaining than mind-numbing or dumbing shows.

Of course, we are faced with misinformation, disinformation, lies, and deception… what is really true? There is probably some truth to what is being fed to the public on all sides, especially when spun with partisan agendas that incite fear. Information should inform while inviting us to use our childlike curiosity and ask questions that elicit discovery and clarification. I’ve seen both sides take opinionated stances, claiming the other is wrong. What if both were right in some aspects, while they were also misled in others? When will we know the real truth? Probably never.

Team Hope has been looking at the energy of anyone promulgating information to evaluate the quality of their energy. Is it pure, clouded, or shrouded in darkness? This is one way to determine truth with discernment. As a group, we have identified many who carry the torch with pure intention, shine in bright light, while others are void of energy, filled with daggers, or surrounded by darkness. We have learned to trust our own experiential knowing.

What can we simple people do?

What can we do? PRAY. Pray for peace, for the truth to expose corruption, for awakening the sleepers, inviting them to ask questions that they may see with clear vision. My rose-colored glasses were set aside a few years ago. I now see with questioning eyes of doubt, suspicion, and skepticism. Pray for calm to shift the fear and strength to lift our energy. Ask that we may collectively shift the vibrational frequency that has been in a downward spiral surrounding our world. Tesla said everything is energy. We need to think in terms of vibration, energy, and frequency. We cannot shift our world’s vibration individually, yet we can shift our own energy higher and higher. As we lift ourselves and ask our Guides to assist, we elevate the higher vibrational energy bringing peace across the world.

Let us join together to send a vibe of peace, love, and light to all beings. We don’t know what we don’t know. We do know that when we stand strong against the dark side in solidarity, with divine guidance, we bring peaceful resolve. We are fighting for our right to live a life of peace, health, and happiness. Join together in hope for humanity. Pray with us every day at 8:00 am or pm or both. We are sending positive energy of hope, love, and light around our world to shift the energy toward peace. Thank you each for all that you do.

Many Blessings of Hope,
Lois Hermann & Team Hope