What do you know of metaphysics? With dozens of spiritual books lining my shelves, I realize angels have been an integral part of my awareness for over 30 years. The Archangel Michael taught me to ask them for protection, healing, and empowerment across all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychic, social, professional, financial, relational, environmental, technological, educational, political… and more. He instructed me to always ask for protection first, followed by the others. Trained to ask for their guidance, and grateful when we realize it is received, life becomes a spiritual treasure hunt. Letting go of painful experiences while embracing the positive, our energy shifts to allow open communication with these spiritual helpers that enrich our lives.

My guest today is a fellow metaphysical hypnotist with a theosophical approach to the world. Desiree Scherini has valuable insight into how metaphysics meets our modern mindset and influences the mass psychosis that has invaded today’s society. We discuss what is happening in society and what we might do to shift our vibrational frequency so that we can help restore peace to our beautiful world.

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Today’s Music: Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves – https://youtu.be/rmdiaQM43bk