I hope you stayed with Andrew and me as we navigated the technical challenges at the beginning of the conversation with Archangel Azrael on the last radio show. The session with the Angel of Death was amazing and a true game-changer for me. If you have yet to listen to the radio show, I encourage you to take time for the recording on our ChroniclesofHope.net website. We’ll be posting the updated blog and will add this discussion show to the website soon. Even though this session is intended for Chronicles of Hope: The Archangels: Book 3, we are determined to share these messages with you in advance of publishing the book. We feel strongly that these messages are so timely they need to be offered to those with ears to hear and hearts to know.

I am delighted that Kathy Kubacki and Christine Peck have joined me to discuss the insights from this amazing Archangel. Azrael assists the dying to leave their physical bodies and transform into the world of spirit. This hospice angel helps spirits transition and nurtures loved ones left behind through their grieving process.

It is interesting that this gentlest Archangel of the Collective is the one who incited the most passion for evolution or revolution. She tells us it is time for people to wake up to what is going on around us and step into doing what is right. Indeed, Azrael brings new awareness to those of us sleepers who have been unaware of the actions of the corrupt elite who are in control and reluctant to relinquish their power. I never knew of the depths of deception that have transpired for many centuries; the wars that were incited by the power-hungry, and the many genocides that ensued from those without a conscience who are driven by profit and greed.

Archangel Azrael created an awareness that stimulated me into spending hours delving, reading, listening, and learning about our hidden history and the atrocities our poor human relatives have sustained. Take note of Azrael’s suggestions about getting the right people to step up and turn our country around. We invite you to listen to our conversation with open hearts and minds. Consider what your experiences have been with this incredible Angel and what you can do to help civilization. Our intention is to bring awareness to humanity with these messages. By inspiring clarity through truth, honesty, and integrity, we bring hope that will ultimately lead to world peace.

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The Prayer by Dion and Bocelli (Lexi and Jenny Oaks Baker) – https://youtu.be/WH9LN-yIeG8