In America, Thanksgiving Day feasts ignite the pressure that continues to build and consume us as the holidays unfold. The combined strain to shop, decorate, wrap, bake, entertain, and have fun creates confusion and conflict. Especially as we add the extra components of increased sweets, lack of sleep, relational issues, financial worry, and let’s add the current concern for our world in crisis, and… we have the recipe for a ticking time bomb of anxiety, distress, and disease. What can we do to shift the mania and maintain a balance across mind, body, emotions, and spirit? With winter upon us, we have less sunlight and more internal pressure which causes increased illness. Today, we are joined by Dr. Jim Peck, a holistic-minded chiropractor who believes that our bodies have the innate ability to maintain health. He shares insights on what we can do to stay healthy this holiday season.

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