Today’s show is about modeling strength in a world of strife. How can we be strong when we pay attention to what’s really going on and see our world shrouded in deceit and despair with the resulting turmoil and tragedy? We sometimes become consumed by the intense confusion, triggering emotions we may have faced in our past, and feel weakened or disillusioned. When our hearts ache for the pain inflicted on the innocent, we worry about our future and sometimes consider giving up. We must ask ourselves: what can we do to find the strength to make a difference? Humans are complex individuals. Today, we are honored to have an amazingly complex and powerful woman on the show with us. Eileen Hultin is an incredibly wise woman who has had quite a number of fascinating journeys through her 87 years on this planet. An inspiration to so many, she offers insightful stories and sage advice as to what we can do to stay strong as we face the challenges of our world.