We are living in an incredible time of change in our world right now. On the surface, there may be many things that seem frightening and worrisome, yet many of us know we are here to make a difference in the ultimate outcome for humanity. When we ask questions and inform ourselves we discover the shocking extent and depth of darkness that surrounds us. Please remember, this is nothing new. Humanity has faced this before many times. The need to dominate others has been here for eons. In our own American history, we fought through the American Revolution, standing for truth, liberty, and freedom against those in power who would take our rights and tax us into submission. Our power was taken away again in the Industrial Revolution where the common person was forced into slavery, making goods for the elite at the expense of their quality of life.

Those who understand the power of the mind and the mental/emotional connection know that the mind can be entrained to repeat and comply via vibrational energy. Fear is a low-level vibrational emotion that conditions people to react with negative energy and has long been used to control the masses. When one becomes more aware of their surroundings and independently chooses to elevate their vibrational frequency to a higher vibe, they wake from an induced state of trance. As one consciously embraces techniques to shift and lift their vibrational frequency, they empower higher vibrational energy to embrace positive change and take back control over their own mind.

Today’s guest is an amazing Lightworker with abilities to help others clear energy that is trapped in their bodies based on hidden emotional scars. Sherryl Comeau is a gifted intuitive with a dedication to helping those on an ascension path toward hope, health, and happiness.

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