In a recent Inspiring Hope Radio show, Andrew and I shared the session with Jesus from Chronicles of Hope: Book 2. Andrew did a wonderful job capturing the essence of Jesus’s spirit and made our interaction fluid and genuine. It is profound to listen to the conversation as an observer, to feel and sense the passion and emotion Jesus shared as he channeled his energy through Gary. If you’ve yet to hear the session, I encourage you to listen to it at Four years ago, at the time of the session, I was overjoyed to have an actual conversation with this dear Guide. Jesus comes to many clients while they are in a meditative, prayerful, or trance state. As the observer in these sessions, I have the privilege of hearing his messages of love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness.

He encourages people to lighten up, often saying we are too hard on ourselves, that we need to enjoy our lives and each other. Jesus brings a warm, glowing kindness that is truly profound. Clients always express a sense of calmness when he visits with them. I encourage people to call on him regularly, especially when stressed or worried. I’ve learned that Jesus will take away our fears when we remember to call on him. He will always be there.

Today I am delighted and honored to be joined by two of my dearest Light Warrior friends and colleagues who share the passion for truth, honesty, and integrity. We are dedicated to keeping Jesus’ messages alive and are here to discuss some of his powerful messages. Kathy Kubacki, a powerful energy expert, akashic records reader and professional hypnotist from the Finger Lakes region of New York joins us by phone. And with me in the studio is Christine Peck, also an energy expert, certified hypnotist, and incredible visionary from Massachusetts. I am grateful for both of their insight as we share this special time together!

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