I hope you are keeping your energy uplifted as you soak in all the lush rain and warm sunshine this summer. It’s important to do what we can to maintain positive vibes in the midst of what’s going on around us. It is also important to be aware of what is happening in our world. As we stay current with the challenging situations in our own country and maintain awareness of the many critical issues in other countries fighting for their rights, we must embrace a high-level state of knowing to offer our own contribution to shift collective energy to the positive.

However, I have also learned that we must use our own discernment to keep our vibes high to be of assistance to those who are ready to shift. If we allow ourselves to be sucked into the fear-based mode of negative energy, it lowers our ability to be of service to others. We must find ways to maintain positive energy amidst the sea of fear and negativity. We must learn to be like a cork on the waves of a pond… floating along with awareness and understanding without being taken down by the torrential pain.

Today we speak with a powerful, yet gentle, woman who has developed the ability to stay focused in the midst of chaos. Karen Cerato is the founder and manager of the hugely successful New Hampshire Health & Wellness Center, of which I am proud to be affiliated. Amidst great challenges in her own life, Karen has learned the value of holding her energy high that she may listen to and trust her inner wisdom for guidance on a regular basis. She has created many healing opportunities for herself and others. Listen in for her secrets to success.

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