In today’s show, we speak with a very special and important guest. This famous person made a huge impact on society at the time he walked the Earth… 2,000 years ago. His messages have lasted long beyond his physical life and have inspired many people throughout history. Jesus has been someone that we call on for guidance, healing, and comfort. He has been with us throughout our lives and will stay with us for the rest of eternity. In the Chronicles of Hope series that share the channeled sessions of the Collective, this meeting with Jesus was extremely memorable. His heartfelt energy had a profound impact on me as he inspires so many on a regular basis.

At this time of extreme confusion and division in our world, many people are asking… What is going on around us? What has happened to our lives? What would Jesus do? I was honored to be able to personally ask him questions and receive his answers to bring us hope at this critical tipping point for humanity. Many are awakening to the reality that there is a battle of good vs. evil being fought all around us. Those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to know… recognize that dark controlling forces are inflicting considerable dissension and disturbance among our people. Much as the Romans enforced their brutal totalitarian rule over the innocent ones at the time of Jesus, we are experiencing similar situations in our world right now… on a much broader, global scale. It is important to listen to these messages from Jesus, so that you may hear his wisdom and do what you can to bring peace to yourselves and to humanity.

Andrew Periale is joining me again to read the voice of Jesus as I conversed with him in this session almost 4 years ago. So much has come to pass in our lives since that day, and many things are starting to make even more sense. We must hear the call. We must listen, wake up, and take action. We are told that the Roman empire fell because of decay from within. Now is the time for honest people to rise up and stop the decay from those who are enforcing their beliefs on the everyday people of our world. Today, we welcome the strong, yet tender, spirit of Jesus. Are you ready to listen and are you prepared to answer the call… in your own way?

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