Time to don your thinking caps and venture out of the box on this Independence Day. When you ask the right questions and listen like a detective, life will take you in many different directions. What questions are you curious about on this special day of America’s independence… for the people, by the people? What does Independence Day mean to you? Do you feel the freedom to be yourself and speak your truth? Are you free to make a difference for yourself and others? Or are you innocently stuck in an unseen mind-trap of worry and fear?

Today, we have a lively discussion with a wonderful man who has spoken against the narrative in his own delightful way. Albert Marotta has taught many to think for themselves, to ask difficult questions, and listen intently for answers of the expected and unexpected kind. A retired theater professor and an amazing metaphysical hypnotherapist, this wise mentor has questioned and researched many things both seen and unseen. He has delved artfully into areas others dare not travel. He brings a unique combination of spirited intrigue with his humble, cheerful manner as he shares stories of mystery that humans have encountered throughout the ages. From spirit connection to grief resolution to events that shook our world, this wise gentleman has experienced and amassed years of expertise. You will be surprised by the insightful stories he shares with a lively sparkle.

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