All That Lives is Part of Me

What a beautiful summer we are experiencing. The trees are lush, the flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and the birds are singing. What could be more wonderful? Are you enjoying yourselves as you lift your vibe to a higher level of expanded awareness? Many people don’t see it, feel it, or hear it. They are stuck in the fear narrative… and yes, there is much to stay informed about going on all around us these days. We must be ever vigilant of the challenges and changes we see happening in our world and take appropriate actions… without getting caught up in the low-level energy of negative thought and fear-based worry.

How do we stay awake and aware without allowing our vibe to be lowered, by states of fear, which we know lead to dis-ease? The secrets can be found in the insights we receive if we will only take the initiative to lift our energy… and listen with discernment. How do we listen? How can we gain our own insights? Everyone is capable of communicating with their incredibly wise mind, their intuitive self, their higher power. Whatever your spiritual or religious beliefs are, there are amazing guides who are ever here to help us. If we will only ask, believe, and receive.

As we learn to be present, trust our inner awareness, and open to spiritual connection, we create a state of expanded consciousness. In this state, we can communicate with higher realms of existence. We must learn to quiet our minds, lift our energy to a peaceful state, focus our thoughts, and listen to insights gained in whatever way they come to us. We may even experience messages from the energy of our Mother Earth. Gaia is the sum of all of our energies, when we lift ourselves to connect with her energy, and truly listen with an open heart, we will receive amazing insights that guide our lives to be more positive, hopeful, and helpful.

Emphasize the Positive

A few years ago, I was honored to receive wisdom from higher realms through an amazing high-level soul named Gary. In a series of channeled sessions, these Ancient Ones, the Anquietas, shared that it is very unusual for members of the Collective to speak directly to humans, as it is difficult for them to match the energy of a human. However, while in a meditative or prayerful state, we can all learn to readily communicate in our minds with the divine Collective. These wise ones share infinite wisdom from their expansive spiritual consciousness, which is incredibly valuable for us, especially now.

We were given a series of teachings from the Anquietas who told us we need to reverse the spiral of negative energy and bring the positive energy back. First, we need to inspire hope. People need to love and feel loved. They told us people have been divided by hate and technology. We need to find a way to bring people back together, to lift vibrational energy, individually and collectively. After all, we are all one species called human.

Raise Vibrational Energy

There is so much fear in our world right now. Including the fear of speaking out about anything that does not meet the social agenda. Those who speak their truth have been censored, shamed, or accused of wrongdoing for simply bringing opposing opinions as health-aware or patriotic individuals. People with honest intentions and the ability to question are ridiculed for their thinking. This pressure causes people’s vibrational energy to lower, and they shut down.

A negative mindset causes increased stress, anxiety, depression, and sickness in humans, which also lowers vibrational levels. How can we create conscious awareness to shift internal distress, to change external reactions, so we respond from a place of peace, integrity, and respect? More than a simple act of will, it takes a pause, reflection, conscious awareness, self-control, and choosing our actions more mindfully. By thinking, acting, and responding positively, we choose to forgive, accept, and move into a state of peace.

We must rise above deadly fear thoughts that are toxic to us on many levels. There are toxic elements in our food and other substances that disrupt our pineal gland, blocking our connection to the Divine. If we use imagery techniques to shift stagnant energy surrounding this third eye center, we create an expanded awareness. As we reprogram ourselves to be more positive, we shift ourselves to higher vibrational energy and become more able to connect with spirit and enhance communication with high-level spiritual guides, including angels, Jesus, and our beloved Mother Gaia. Over time, we receive regular insightful messages, allowing them to guide our everyday life.

Secrets to Super-Conscious Living

Here are some practical secrets to creating higher vibrational energy:

  1. Create sacred space – energetically clear your space every day.
  2. Express gratitude – to your Guides and others in all that we do.
  3. Ask for guidance – from your guides. They will help us. We must ask.
  4. Choose health – make healthy choices for your mind, body, and spirit.
  5. Sleep soundly – lowers your vibration to restore, reset, and reboot energy.
  6. Think peacefully – release negative thoughts and embrace the positive.
  7. Ground your body – go out in nature and commune with Mother Gaia.
  8. Gather good friends – connect with trusted like-minded friends daily.

As we lift our energy, we affect everyone around us. As we each discover the magic of spiritual connection and share with each other, we grow together to a level of expanded 5D consciousness. When we surround ourselves with like-minded friends, without competition or coercion, bringing cooperation, collaboration, and care… we embrace, uplift, and celebrate one another. Ultimately we help humanity to collectively ascend toward a world of peace.

When we embrace each other from a higher vibrational state, we manifest positive energy while holding the light of love and peace for all. If you would like individual guidance or assistance on lifting your energy, please reach out for sessions, enroll in a class, or join one of our empowerment discussion groups.

Many Blessings on Your Path of High-Level Vibration,
Lois Hermann & Associates