Ask the Right Questions

It is time to don your thinking caps and venture out of the box on this Independence Day 2021. When you ask the right questions and listen like a detective, life will take you in many different directions. What questions are you curious about on this special day of America’s independence… for the people, by the people? What does Independence Day mean to you? Do you feel free to be yourself and speak your truth? Are you free to make a difference for yourself and others? Or are you innocently stuck in an unseen mind-trap of worry and fear?

How you see yourself and feel about your world is an important part of creating your reality. We must stand for something, or we will fall for anything. What are you standing for in this time of great illusion, confusion, and division? How do we stand strong as our forefathers and mothers did, with a sense of purpose, pride, and positive energy? There are so many questions, with even more answers… each one as important as the next.

The key is curiosity. The ability to ask questions makes us free to learn, to grow, and to sow the seeds of yet more questions to be asked. The answers to important questions have been inside us all along. We have to muster the courage to look inside, and pull them up, and respond to them. If we dismiss an idea because we don’t like it or because we think it’s going to be too painful to act on… Look at what happens… That’s why civilization is in the state it’s in. There are no easy ways out. There are no simple roads. Only work and dedication can accomplish our goals.

Energy, Frequency, Vibration

On this Independence Day, we celebrate the questions asked by strong Americans past and present who stand for truth, honesty, and integrity. Over the years, many have spoken out proud and strong against the forces of evil to make our world a better place for our children and children’s children. What can we do to help those who are speaking out today? The answer? Do what you can in your own way. Just be you and celebrate all the good you have in your life as you embrace positive energy. Surround yourself with like-minded friends that you trust to uplift you, support you, and enjoy you… just for being you.

Humans have the ability to reverse the spiral of negative energy and bring back the positive. As energetic beings, what we think, say, and do affects our vibrational frequency. Nikola Tesla said: “If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Energy matters. We matter. When we embody negative, low-vibrational thoughts, we reduce our energetic level which causes a lowering of our collective human consciousness. Since we are interconnected with each other and all life on this planet, it is important that we keep our energy uplifted and strong. We are all one human species, though we come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, smells, and sounds… We all bleed the same red blood of life.

Reverse the Spiral of Negativity

In one channeled journey, the peaceful Archangel Azrael told us that the Guides of the Collective are willing to help with all that we need. But, in truth, we have within us the wisdom to accomplish our goal. These wise Guides can give us help and answer questions, but it is ultimately our path to walk as inspired humans. We have chosen to be here at this moment in time as delegates to help shift the energy of life on our precious planet. There are other humans who realize the danger that civilization faces and many of them are doing similar things to make a difference. Many are trying in their own way to turn the spiral of negativity around.

The Guides believe that each group that is trying to help the world should take its own path. They say if we all take the same path, the likelihood of failure is much greater. If we each take a different path, the likelihood is that one of us will succeed. It is important to let people move in their own way, on their own individual or collective path with the goal of global awakening… evolution.

Evolution Rather Than Revolution

It is necessary to impress upon people the urgency of the situation. The wise Guides see the need for their help but are saddened that there is nothing they can do… unless humans ask. Humanity’s fate must remain in its own hands. As long as the people who have power in the current system retain it, there will be no change. It is unlikely that they can be convinced to give it up, and it is merely a question of how long they will remain. If they retain power for too long, then Earth has only one dire future.

Azrael said they would never recommend revolution. However, there are changes that can be made. To begin to unwind the pattern, it is necessary to start at one small place and allow a reverse spiral to begin. This would be the least painful way to evoke change… evolution rather than revolution. He acknowledges there is great political unrest in our nation, and normally would never consider becoming involved. But he stresses there is a time now… there is an opportunity… right now, to begin a reverse of the trend. There are enough people who are disappointed with the way things are. Now is the time for just a few people of good conscience to make themselves available to lead others. If a few people can get themselves elected, they can start the turnaround. Now is the time to remove those who have been in power for too long. The people who are fed up with the system are the people who need to step up and make themselves available.

Support One Another

Azrael reminds us to go back and look at our ancient American history. The individuals themselves stepped up and did what they knew would be difficult and painful to do. They put themselves in a position where the public could scrutinize their every move, and they did it anyway. Those are the kind of people we need to support now. We need to put real people into positions where they can affect change. If we make ourselves examples of stepping forward because we believe it is right, others will follow the example.

Let us encourage and support those who are stepping up. As we hold one another in a higher vibrational state, we manifest positive energy and hold the light of love and peace for all. It only takes one spark to ignite the light of collective consciousness. You can make a difference. Bring the spark of hope for humanity and we will all win our independence.

Many Blessings of Hope for Humanity,
Lois Hermann