There are many phases we go through in life. Active, busy, creative phases… followed by slower, introspective, and reflective ones. Energy ebbs and flows in our lives like a sine wave. This is by divine design and it is perfect. Often waves of change are brought about based on shifts in relationships to people or pets, homes or jobs. We all experience loss in a multitude of ways. Whether we grieve from death, divorce, or friends drifting away, we process our emotions based on a sense of void, an emptiness in our lives that must be recognized, allowed and embraced before it is refilled.

Today’s guest has embraced her mission in life through the closing of one special door and her awareness of another opening. Through communicating with a very special horse, Anna Marie Ellison has become an animal communicator and intuitive coach. She helps others to process grief and gain awareness through the powerful intuitive connection with animals. She even blessed me with a poignant message from my beloved cat, Mr. Whiskers, she let me know he is fulfilling his mission, continuing to assist us in many ways.