Happy Mother’s Day 2021. Today we are honoring our mothers… old and young, good and bad, happy and sad, living and passed. All mothers do the best they can in any situation. Early life experiences are given to us by our mother… in the safety of the womb, we feel her heartbeat, we hear her breath, and sense her feelings. At the perfect time, we work together as a team to birth ourselves into being, and as we draw our first breath we look to our mother for nourishment, nurturing, and ongoing support. Children never come with user manuals or learner’s permits. Most of what a mother does is based on the observed actions or non-actions of her own mother. Our patterns, habits, and emotions are often passed down generationally from mother to child who then becomes a mother.

My own mother left the earthly life two days ago. She is at peace now after many years of trials and torment. I will always remember her as an amazing seamstress and quilter, remarkable ballroom dancer, incredible holiday decorator, master baker, avid gardener, and world traveler. Though often misunderstood, she was incredibly intelligent, creative, and kept the family organized through multiple transitions as a military wife and mother of four. I know she was deeply worried about what is going on in our world today and was tired of the struggle on this dense earth plane. I was blessed to see the angels beside her, ready to welcome her into the higher realms of peace and grace.

My mother often told stories of her Cherokee grandmother with the long dark braid and love of nature that has been passed to me. We are blessed to be joined by Grandmother Blue Crow, a wonderfully wise medicine woman, and expert in the ways of the First People. She shares detailed information on smudging, the sacred directions, and the Medicine Wheel to help us learn ways to shift our energy toward healing as we honor our Earth Mother.

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