My special guest is Dr. William Horton, Founder of the National Federation of NLP, Elite NLP Master Trainer, and so much more. NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is how our neurology is programmed by linguistics, the words we hear, see, think, and speak. Words Matter. What we think, read, hear, and say really matters… to ourselves and to others. I am an avid believer in the power of the mind, and the awareness of NLP causes me to listen and observe more closely that I may better understand others and be able to respond with more clarity of thought.

An NLP Master and Trainer, I am fascinated by how much Neuro-Linguistic Programming is used in our media. From news to politics to entertainment in music, movies, and TV – are you aware of the mind-control pervading our world? When you become conscious of it, you cannot help but notice how blatantly it is used and how blind the masses are to the fact that they are being “programmed”. If we are not careful, we will become brainwashed by the narrative that is planted in our minds by those who choose to “sell” us something… be it a product, a concept, a political agenda, or even false news.

What can we do to shift this mental programming? Today’s special guest is an expert in the power of linguistic influence. I am very excited and honored to have Dr. Will Horton share his ideas on what is going on in our world and what we might be able to do to shift the consciousness of humanity with our words.

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