Happy Easter, Happy Spring… Now is a good time to reset, renew, and refresh your energy. We have survived the long dark winter with so much challenging negativity around our world. This is a period of resurrection on many levels as people start to come out of their homes and into the sunshine. It is also time to spring-clean our energy. How do we move on to a brighter spring with hope for a blessed future? What would our beloved teacher Jesus advise?

I am delighted to welcome back on the show an incredible Team Hope “A-Team” member. An Energy Clearing Specialist, Kathy Kubacki has extensive experience with spiritual energies and entities and has a deep relationship with Jesus. Throughout the year, she has been one of our Lightworker Alliance team helping to clear this planet of dark energies and bring in the light of peace. In today’s show, we share insights our amazing team has uncovered from sessions with our wise Guides and discuss some of Jesus’s timely messages. Listen to find out ways to transform negative energies from people with different kinds of disturbance and distress or read the blog on my website. Be sure to look up America’s Frontline Doctors for more information on our discussion.