Confusion and Division

In this time of incredible fear, confusion, and division in our country, what can we do to keep our energy strong, positive, and uplifted? Can we hold to our truth without giving in to the conformity of social pressure? How do we stand for our beliefs while being flexible, accepting, and tolerant of others who may be innocent, ignorant, or indifferent? As we delve into questions and discover new insights, how do we sustain our energy without dropping into the negativity of anger, hate, or despair?

Have you observed the many hateful, spiteful, and vengeful people in our public sector, from political, educational, media, tech, and entertainment institutions? As we question their motives, let us use discernment to look beyond the obvious, and delve into awareness of the false narratives that have been fed to people for decades. We may be shocked at what is behind the viciousness expressed by those who are threatened and afraid of being discovered for their dishonest, deceptive, and destructive actions that harm so many.

During this time of global madness, it is important that we each embrace practices that support our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves. There are many things we can do to encourage others; however, we must first build ourselves up. We must employ simple processes in our day-to-day lives to keep our energy strong and uplifted regardless of what is going on around us. As we sustain a state of grace, we learn to see with our own intuitive wisdom what is truth. We are then able to actively support those who come from a place of honesty and integrity as they courageously combat the pervasive evil in our world.

Courage to Question

Once people gain the courage to step up and support those who are truly in service to others, we can shed the light of truth on what is really happening, and we can make a difference for the people of America and around the world. Are you questioning what is going on in our world right now? Have you been frightened by the lack of respect shown for those who love our country? Do you find it confusing that patriots are called terrorists, while those who destroy our cities run free? Have you read about the extensive human trafficking and pedophile rings that are supported by many of the elite? Does it scare you that huge numbers of medical professionals passionately warn us about the effects of this false pandemic, masks, and vaccines only to be censored, silenced, or scorned? Does it bother you that the media misrepresents or suppresses information on covid, masks, vaccines, election fraud, and corruption in our institutions? Are they basically propaganda machines intended to brainwash society into compliance? Do what you’re told… no questions allowed.

Do you realize that communistic take-overs start with inducing fear, blocking free speech, and controlling the narrative so people can only say what they are allowed to say, while anyone who disagrees is belittled, berated, and vilified? Those with the intelligence to ask questions are destroyed. Do you care that our children are watching, suffering, and being affected by the toxic world we are living in? They are resilient, yet some of the mental programmings they receive via movies, music, and media are burned deep into their subconscious minds and will be difficult to undo. Meanwhile, the toxic chemicals they are exposed to in food, water, the air they breathe, and more… damage their strength and interfere with the spiritual connection to their wise mind, the essence of God.

What can we do about this? We can get angry and name call like others do. Or we can come from a place of integrity to step up and speak out with honesty. There is so much evil in our world, we must stand for what we believe in… before it is too late. Sitting back and waiting for someone else to do something is no longer an option. We must stand strong with others of like mind… yet avoid allowing intensely negative energy to affect our emotional bodies which lead to increased stress and sickness. There are many techniques to sustain positive energy and the attitude of gratitude is one of the most powerful.

Create Our Destiny

We are the creators of our own destiny. What we think, say, and do generates creative energy that is made manifest by our intentions. Our thoughts are self-fulfilling. If we focus on negative, fear-based, or angry emotions, we create or magnetically draw more negative situations to us. If we choose to rise above negative situations by shifting our focus to positive thoughts, we lift our energy to manifest a positive outcome for ourselves and ultimately, our world.

Through the ages, religion, faith, and prayer played an important role in daily life. People connected with God in diverse ways based on their belief systems. While visiting mosques, temples, cathedrals, and sacred spaces around the world, I was fascinated by the similarities between worship methods and prayer offerings among diverse belief systems. All were focused on expressions of gratitude and requests for assistance, whatever country, language, or culture.

In recent years, people have moved away from organized religion for different reasons. In so doing, many have lost sight of the importance in the power of prayer, of asking for assistance and expressing gratitude. With this wave of anti-religiosity, many have completely moved away from the concept of prayer, of communicating with God, of nature, or higher levels of consciousness. Some were raised devoid of awareness for anything greater than themselves. They refuse to acknowledge a mysterious God who is far away, separate from and greater than themselves. Refusing to connect with something outside themselves, they fail to express gratitude for what they have. In fact, when you pray, understand you are really conversing through your wise mind, your higher self, the spiritual part of you that connects with the Infinite or Divine Source of Wisdom.

Ask for Assistance

There are wise spiritual beings who are ever here to assist yet will never interfere with our free will. When we ask for assistance, we open our hearts to receive their guidance. As we realize these infinitely wise beings want to assist and learn to trust our intuitive guidance, we feel comfortable asking for assistance on a regular basis. Jesus tells us that as our spirits mature, we learn the value of asking for guidance and being grateful for answers.

When we request assistance, guidance comes in a variety of ways from many sources, including spiritual helpers, friends, messengers, even whispers from passed-over loved ones. When we ask from our hearts and believe in our minds, we receive answers in a myriad of unexpected and miraculous ways. Prayer can be as simple as appreciating a gesture, sunset, a rainbow, or the song of a bird. Life and everything in existence, seen and unseen, is part of an intricate web of Universal energy. We are not separate from, but rather part of the Infinite. I am connected with you. You are connected with me. My energy and your energy, my spirit and your spirit are together. We are one unified energetic being.

We are communal beings and thrive on being connected with one another, and with higher sources of wisdom. Prayer should be an invitation to commune with helpful energies of our own choosing, relationships that are comforting, loving, supportive, and above all, positive. As you define how you pray, you assist in your own spiritual awakening. This spiritual connection should invite you to feel and act on what resonates within yourself, whether going to church, praying on a mountaintop, meditating at the beach, or playing uplifting music. Many consider meditation, chanting, singing, drumming, or dreaming to be forms of prayer. Whether you vocalize your thoughts out loud or have a quiet conversation in your mind, it need not be robotic or memorized. I have learned to regularly ask my Wise Guides, believe they are always here and receive their assistance with deep gratitude. With continuous practice, I now ask, listen, trust, and respond, with gratitude. Empowerment comes with knowing the unseen angelic realm truly does the work. Our job is to ask.

Connect with Gratitude

How do we open minds to this expanded awareness? Gaia, the spirit of our Earth was most concerned about the indifference from those who are thoughtless and self-serving. She tells us the lack of care or respect for our planet will be our own undoing. Wondering if the devastation of Earth would come through nuclear war or another catastrophe, we were surprised to discover that our own neglect could cause extreme damage in a relatively short time. The fact that many people are not even worried about the future for their own children is cause for alarm. This self-serving attitude contributes to separation, greed, and destruction. When humans learn to respect our Mother Earth, are grateful for all we are given, and ask for guidance, we raise our vibrational energy and will shift humanity to the positive. Our children must be taught the valuable connection to all things in nature. They must learn to explore with expanded curiosity and experience the incredible beauty around them with gratitude.

When we feel that what we do matters, we come from a place of service, of asking, what can I do to help? The teachings in Chronicles of Hope provide powerful resources for everyone who is sensitive to the darkness in our world. These Wise Guides offer guidance on how to shift energy for those on a quest to help humankind as our planet evolves. I am grateful there are others around the world who share similar messages that we may support one another at this very difficult time. Many people are doing beneficial things to bring about positive change in their own way. Our wish is to help humanity bring peace to itself. As we each contribute what we can, we will make a difference in the lives of others and our precious planet. Let us join with each other to grow into a united sense of purpose with deep gratitude. Let us collectively lift the energy to change and sustain positive outcomes. As others awaken to truth, let us be there to support them.

With all of the madness in our world today, let us stand for what we believe in while holding the energy of peace and understanding. Let us help people as they awaken to truth, that we may feel connected and supported in this time of challenge and change. Let us stand strong with our spiritual allies, and be the calm in the eye of the storm.

Many Blessings,
Lois Hermann

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