So many people take for granted the freedom we have in America because they have never known anything different. They have never ventured beyond their peaceful neighborhood to see what it is really like around the world. They go about their days doing their thing… thinking someone else will take care of their rights… besides, how could things really change? Things can change in an instant. We are on the brink of huge national change and need to step up and step out now!

In this Inspiring Hope Radio show, we chat with Liz Gabert, an amazing woman who has lived abroad many years and can tell you firsthand what life is like in other countries. We will talk about the freedom that Americans take for granted and what we can do to make sure our rights are protected and preserved for ourselves and our children.

If we each do what we can to support one another and help others to open their eyes to what is really going on in our country, we can make a difference for the people of America and the world. A special guest on Liz’s show said, Freedom is everything. It is not free… it comes with growing pains and some scars to remind us what we are working toward and fighting for.

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