Who to Trust?

Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you are embraced by someone you love. What does it mean to have someone special in your life? How do you know who to trust with your heart? With so much confusion, misrepresentation, and deception in our world today, we must honor the truth. When we trust the knowing in our own heart and mind, we celebrate those with a sense of integrity, who allow us to be ourselves, and feel safe with a sense of trust in their presence?

There are many in our world who live by codes of ethics that are dedicated to truth, honesty, and integrity. Many choose lives of service to others based on the intention of doing good for their fellow man. Today we are going to think about the importance of celebrating those who honor the truth as we shine the light on those who struggle with mental health issues.

We all face challenges in our lives and if we have support systems to help us through, we come out of the shadows with a new awareness and an openness to live life with a sense of trust and authenticity. The Guides say there is a reason honesty has always been a most trusted value. When we are true to ourselves and open to assistance, we can break free of limitations we place on ourselves and soar to new heights of awareness, health, and acceptance.

Insights from Chronicles of Hope

I would like to start by sharing some insights from the Wise Guides in the Chronicles of Hope series on what happens to cause mental confusion and how we can shift our mindset to see things differently, giving us the strength to navigate our daily lives. These Divine messengers encourage us to let go of anger, fear and worry that cause major distraction, disruption, and dis-ease. While in a meditative or prayerful state, we can learn to readily communicate in our minds with these wise guides, including Jesus, who call themselves the Collective. They share infinite wisdom from their expansive spiritual consciousness, which is incredibly valuable to help us in our daily existence. I was honored and humbled to experience fascinating conversations with these Guides and I am pleased to share some of their insights with you.

The messages speak to our true nature as human beings. They are profound and inspiring, encouraging every one of us to explore deeper meaning. We must truly ask who we are and discover our purpose as individuals to become an awakened human collective, especially at this critical moment in time.

The Wise Ones request that we pay attention to what is going on around us, listen to their advice, and accept their messages into our hearts. As we take whatever action we can to make a difference, to be more understanding and compassionate with others, we become uplifted and transformed. They consistently tell us we are all one species as humans, and we need to honor our connection with each other and especially with our Mother Earth.

Honor and Respect

Honoring the sacred living spirit of Gaia, our Earth is one of the cornerstones of the Collective’s teachings and was memorable in multiple sessions throughout the series. Gaia provides us with what we need to heal disease, sustain life, and survive. If humanity is to be saved, it is essential that we get to know Gaia and appreciate her gifts by honoring and respecting all of nature. Native cultures ask Mother Nature in their own way for sun, rain, bountiful harvest, good hunting, and healing. Their practices are interconnected in ways that can show us what is important to thrive in this emotionally filled time.

In our current situation, fear has pervaded our lives and affected our wellbeing on multiple levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. With the extended period of confusion, the world as we knew it has come to a great divide. We are in a time of extreme crisis, with the potential for war. How individuals respond to and emerge from this impactful time will determine their fate. Will we see it as devastating and fall into the abyss of despair? Or will we acknowledge the silver lining in this worldwide crisis as an opportunity for much-needed positive change that may ultimately save humanity and our beloved planet?

Four Human Parts

The Guides share important insights about the four parts of a human: The physical part houses the three etheric parts. Humans have a mental part, which is the intellect; they have an emotional, feeling part, and they have an eternal spiritual part that motivates the being. When a human is conceived, the physical body begins to develop and will continue to develop throughout its entire life. At some point during gestation, the intellectual and the emotional bodies are created. Before birth, the spiritual body synchronizes with the physical and joins with the other parts to create the whole person. The timing at which this happens varies depending upon the individual.

The spirit is fully formed and developed when it enters. Even if it is a brand-new spirit having never been in a body before, in and of itself, it is complete and will learn as the human develops. Most of the changes that happen to a spirit occur at the end of the physical life when the physical vessel is broken. As the body expires, the spiritual being reviews the mental and emotional experiences and keeps the parts they choose. This is how all spirits develop.

Whether a new spirit or a very old spirit, the mental and emotional parts of an individual are new for each incorporation. These parts develop as the individual develops – independently of the spiritual body. Adverse conditions in human life can cause damage to the mental and emotional parts of the body. This creates a poisoned effect that incites an almost inescapable conflict between the nature of their spiritual self and the nature of the individual self. This inner dissonance can cause damage to the individual, resulting in self-loathing and hate. Many humans become insane from this inner struggle, which is prevalent in society today. It is this internal conflict that manifests as a mental dis-ease.

Inner Discord

Additionally, our technological environment causes individuals to develop under too much pressure, which can also produce inner discord, resulting in misdirected anger. People do not know why they are angry, and so they direct their hatred at unrelated targets, including humans, animals, or our planet. To exist in a world that is bombarded with chronic negativity, many live their lives with extreme fear and develop strong coping skills to numb their emotions. Making ourselves emotionally numb can lead to destructive behaviors as we try to avoid underlying feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, anger, and hate. Some reach for substances to ameliorate their pain, which causes additional health issues on all levels: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Many people struggle with increasing health issues based on what we are facing in today’s extreme confusion. All parts of our bodies are essential to sustaining life. It is important we take care of our physical vessel to sustain health, and gain experience. Jesus tells us there is a cure for every disease, and the cure is unique to each individual. There are many who have healed themselves from debilitating illnesses with natural remedies and mental shifts. Integrating medicine with holistic practices assists the healing journey. Many use wholesome lifestyle changes, body movements, music, toxic substance elimination, mindfulness practices including hypnosis, and other energy balancing techniques to heal themselves.

Good Citizens

Rae, the God of Atlantis, offered insights into the qualities that make a good civilization. He encouraged us to be respectful of one another to come from a place of truth, honesty, and integrity. It is particularly helpful to handle challenging people and difficult situations with resilience, faith, and hope.

When people push our emotional buttons, we seem to be hardwired to react with responses that are less than honorable. We must stop to reflect, ask for assistance, and remember to come from a place of honesty, integrity, and respect. Ultimately, we must come from a place that honors truth. As we remove our tinted glasses and attempt to experience what others may be feeling, we can more clearly see their viewpoint. It is all about perception. A person’s perception becomes their reality. What someone needs to understand is their reality is not necessarily shared by others. Who is right, who is wrong?

We must also learn to protect our energy without aggression or retaliation. Never allow others to drain your energy, as that leaves you in a weakened, confused, or hopeless state. Ask your Guides for the strength to walk away from toxic situations to reset yourself. Request that the Guides help troubled ones so that you can redirect your focus to heal yourself. To recover from any challenging person or situation, seek help to regain your power and increase your energy on all four levels. Surround yourself with positive people, places, experiences, and uplifting energy to create a life of inner and outer peace.

As we change our perspective of each other, we shift our world to be more positive and come from a place of acceptance, harmony, and peace. We must heal ourselves individually before we can heal each other. As we honor our Earth and show respect for nature, we will come together in harmony. Since we don’t really know what the future holds, it is best to focus on doing our best in this present moment to create the potential for a positive future for all.
With all of the misinformation in our world today, how can we have compassion for those who struggle with confusion and mental issues so that we come together with peace and understanding? How do we help people to awaken to truth, and feel connected in this chaotic world?

Many Blessings,
Lois Hermann

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