Get People to Listen

There is so much division among people today. How can we get people to come together and truly listen to one another without judgment and preconceived opinions? How do we help people to pay attention to truth, so they feel connected in this chaotic world? With all of the division, confusion, and distraction in our world, where can we find the truth, peace of mind, and be able to stand in our power? We could start by developing an internal spiritual practice through prayer, communion with nature, and connection to others. As we connect with others of like-mind we feel, supported, encouraged, and empowered to think for ourselves. When we embrace our individuality and celebrate our unique beliefs, we are able to come together in the wake of division to support the highest and best for each other, our country, and the world.

How many of you realize we are at war? We are currently in a war of good vs. evil, a war for the hearts and minds of the people of our country, an insidious cyber-war that is affecting many who are doing good for our country and others who are completely unaware. Most people just go about their day without paying attention to the devious mind games that are being orchestrated by manipulating players in our government, our legal system, our media, and more. It is critically important for people to wake up and pay attention to what is really going on around us. Are you aware enough to see how our rights are being taken away by those with self-serving needs?

Start Asking Questions

Are you asking questions about the truth surrounding the many inconsistencies and irregularities in our recent elections? Are you aware of courageous people who are putting their lives on the line to show us the truth behind programmed distractions? Please take a moment to check out a powerful video by Mike Lindell, a regular citizen who has risked everything to show the public extensive research that proves that our nation has been under attack by external sources. You can find a link at or at the Power of Connection blog on my website: Take your head out of the mainstream quicksand to at least listen to critically important information. Start to look beyond, and really see what is happening to cause such division among each other. We must begin by informing ourselves before we can come together as a united country again.

What can we do to support one another in this time of chaos and confusion? Take a listen to the Inspiring Hope Radio show with Maureen Ryan Blake, founder of The Power of The Tribe. She shares her thoughts on the importance of surrounding yourself with a supporting tribe of people in this critical time of extreme division.

I invite you to start asking questions and investigate for yourselves. Put on your Columbo raincoat and dig into the clues that are all around you. Have you asked yourself why esteemed medical professionals who have offered healing remedies for this virus have been censored or even fired for speaking out? Have the masses been forced into fear, isolation, and division to satisfy someone’s political agenda? Do you wonder why the media has enforced one belief, while anyone who questions or expresses another opinion has been blocked, censored, or ridiculed? Is this really America, land of the free, and home of freedom of speech? When will people start to pay attention to the bazaar inconsistencies around us and wake out of their hypnotic trance? How can we support those who are courageous enough to speak out against invasive tyranny to save us from being controlled by those who seek to destroy Main Street and our wonderful world by their lust for power?

Isolation and Division

Our current situation has caused us to be particularly isolated and alone, which amplifies division, and promotes depression, which leads to increased illness. One of the main teachings of the Chronicles of Hope is how the anger and hate many humans express can be caused by feelings of isolation. The sense of being different fosters notions of jealousy that leads to hatred and fear. Hate is a symptom of isolation, which creates further division. Right now, we are living in an accelerated fear-based culture where our children learn to be wary of everyone and everything.

During this time of social distancing, our dependence on technology has intensified our isolation. Yes, we can reach out to one another online, so we feel informed, connected, and less isolated. However, technology is a double-edged sword. While we have the capacity for expanded knowledge and reach, we are also exposed to invasive mind-control from questionable sources, which leads to confusion, doubt, and fear. The ability to connect with others on social media opens us to being controlled by others with programmed narratives that have become increasingly destructive. We are at the mercy of whoever shares information from their potentially biased point of view. A major challenge of technology is that it can readily be used to create an instantaneous demonstration of pain across the globe, which can be modified or altered to suit the needs of the presenter. Although negativity, anger, and rage do exist, they can be amplified, misrepresented, sensationalized, or blocked. While absorbing the increased fear, hysteria, and panic, observers succumb to desperation, and division, which leads in turn to increased isolation.

There are many opportunities for people to mislead and abuse others if we let them. We must feel strong enough to turn the other cheek and walk away from toxic information, media sources, and controlling people. Walk away from people in the social media arena who are abusive, divisive, and caustic. Give yourself permission to think for yourself, feel what is right in your heart, and surround yourself with others who respect you and allow you to use your voice. Think about shifting from controlling media channels to other social solutions that are open to freedom of expression. We must pay attention to our own inner thinking at this pivotal point, trust ourselves, use discernment, and reach out to others who support us on this journey.

Connection and Compassion

In addition, the absence of physical contact is problematic for humanity. With electronic devices being the main instrument of touch, have humans lost physical and emotional touch with each other? Has being masked created increased sadness by the removal of smiles, which are a great source of joy? When we allow ourselves to share openly with others, we realize how interconnected we really are. We touch each other’s hearts. I am ever grateful for the amazing tribe of Lightworkers who have surrounded me at this pivotal time in history. Each life affects another. We must feel connected with each other as well as our divine guides. Jesus affirmed that he is ever here for us in spirit to call on and to advise us whenever we ask. We must learn to call on him and his kin on a regular basis. These inspiring guides help lift our energy to rise above the illusion of challenge and trust that the power of good is infinite.

They help us to respond with loving hearts, rather than react from a lower place of anger or disagreement. When we remember we are all one human species and come from a place of compassion, we realize no one is better than the other. We are unique individuals with varietal differences. Just as each flower is different, yet all are flowers with an array of sizes, shapes, colors, fragrances, and vibrations. When we learn to celebrate the wonder of our differences, we embrace our similarities as true brothers and sisters of one tribe of humanity. Together, we will win the war on our precious world.

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Blessings of Hope for Humanity,
Lois Hermann