Beyond The Veil of Illusion

How are you handling the distress in our world? At this time of incredible confusion, are you feeling betrayed by allegiance to patriotism? Are you concerned about the changes being implemented by this new president, or are you holding onto convictions based on what you have been taught? Are you experiencing buyer’s remorse, wishing you had paid more attention to what was really going on under the cloud cover of personality bias? Guides have been encouraging us for some time to look beyond the veil of illusion to see what is truth… and what is fiction. We must look at what is good for our country and the future of humanity, if not for our sake, for our children, and their children. Many are aware of the illusion and will be here to assist others as they start to awaken to the ugly truth. Those who have been asleep might be in shock at what has been going on right before their eyes for a long, long time.

We are in a mental, emotional, and spiritual war right now. In addition to the national and international cyber-intellectual war, we are in a war of hypnotic mind control. Ask yourself why the average person is not allowed to ask questions about the virus, masks, quarantine, vaccines, human trafficking, government corruption, election irregularities, and so much more… without being censored. Humans who ask questions are being muzzled and kept silent… accused of being terrorists if they have divergent opinions. Yet people who support the media narrative are allowed to destroy others and get away with it. People are being encouraged to viciously attack neighbors over differing beliefs, ideologies, and theologies like never before. What is wrong with this picture? Where is our freedom of speech? Where is our ability to respect one another, and who is listening with an open heart?

The Courage To Question

Those who have the courage to ask questions, think for themselves, and investigate beyond the obvious are starting to stand up and speak out. They are fighting for our freedom of speech, for what is right, just, and good. Who Do we listen to and WHERE do we place our trust? When you encounter abusive opinionated bullies, do not engage… turn the other cheek… walk away. These negative people have been fed destructive rhetoric and are programmed to attack without a heart to listen. Do not waste your energy on them. These verbose sleepers have been hypnotized by the media and are truly asleep to the reality beneath the illusion. They will soon come to a rude awakening when they realize the false narrative they have been parroting and might hopefully be ashamed of their behavior toward their fellow man.

The isolation and confusion we have experienced have created further division among people, adding fuel to verbal attacks in social circles. This is damaging to the ability to put our differences aside and come together in unity. What can we do to shift the negative energy and stay emotionally healthy in this critical time of awakening? We must walk a mile in another’s shoes before we jump to judgment and accusation. We need to be open to conversing with one another and start to really listen from our hearts. As truths are exposed, silent sleepers will begin to ask questions and we must learn to listen with an open mind and compassionate heart. Many spiritual ones are holding the energy of grace as the truth is allowed to unfold. We will be here to assist.

What Is Really Important?

At this moment in time, the foundation of our world is being shaken to cause us to take inventory and appreciate what is really important. Rather than accept everything as absolute, we must open our minds, ask questions, and explore possibilities to learn what is real so that we may gain greater awareness. As we learn to listen with our own hearts instead of the mindless clanging noise so prevalent around us, we will come to discern what is true and what is false. Let us remember we are all one people with different thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. When we come together as one civilization, with respect for one another, we will be empowered to help each other through this crisis to create a better home for humanity.

I have known many who have been severely impacted by the atrocities of war. Clients come to me with devastating memories, dreams, or nightmares of tragic memories of being raped, tortured, mind-controlled, or brutally killed in times of war across the eons. These stories of genocide come from modern and ancient times, of revolutions, of Native American and other indigenous slaughter, of concentration camps, and more. I listen with a heavy heart to the cruelty others have inflicted on their fellow man, woman, child, and animal-based on very disturbed people or those who blindly follow misguided leaders who seek power at all costs. Be these past-life recall, genetic memory, or stories from an earth-bound spirit, the vivid recounting of the atrocities humans have endured is intensely real and causes great despair. I help clients resolve their past memories and move into a place of peace. However, we are facing similar atrocities now and many people are completely unaware. They are living busy lives without knowing what is going on behind the scenes. Those who do know or suspect foul-play have been ridiculed or censored for speaking out. People are getting ready to be shown the dark side of humanity and it may be unsettling, if not upsetting to many.

Right now, there is such animosity among people based on beliefs. We all have flaws, we have opinions, we have made mistakes, and our lives are far from perfect. Yet, humanity needs unity. If we each do our own personal work to gain understanding, achieve clarity, and connect with what is true in our world, we can shift externally directed anger and hate toward a collective of peace and acceptance. When we open our hearts to one another and learn to listen without preconceived judgment, we come to a place of peace and kinship. Working to bring hope to humanity, many aspire to be the voice that rallies, helping those who are blind and unaware, bringing comfort and harmony.

How Can We Make A Difference?

How can we allow ourselves to tap into another’s reality with open-mindedness and come from a place of mutual respect? As we empower ourselves to release the pain of the past, we come to a place of acceptance. Once at peace, we are open to sharing thoughts and feelings that break down the barriers of isolation. As we discover ways to more directly communicate with each other through a higher level of spiritual awareness, we empower the ultimate cure for hate and will transform this world into a place of peace. As we remove our deep residual anger and refuse to be swayed by others’ opinions, we become willing to listen to another without bias. Only then will we have the opportunity to truly come together as one. When we allow ourselves to experience one another through our shared spiritual connection, we create one common consciousness with the ability to collectively manifest a healthy society.

Jesus told us: “The important thing is to get people to listen. The message has to be delivered in a way, not just that they will understand, but in a way that they will hopefully accept.” In Chronicles of Hope, Wise Guides of the Collective share guidance for humanity at this critical tipping point in our existence. They give clear choices to save humanity by inspiring hope, peace, and love to restore our planet. Their intention is to invite us to spark our own path toward living a positive life filled with higher vibrational energy. When we set aside personal bias and externally formed perspectives and choose to come from within, we embrace our childlike innocence and allow our spirits to be open to much broader possibilities. When we bring uplifting spiritual insights into our own life, we vibrate in an expanded frequency filled with light, hope, and love, with a rippling effect for others we touch.

Listen to your Wise Guides and know it is possible to prevent the inevitable demise of our world. If we can work to shift the trend of negativity, these Wise Guides of the Collective encourage us that humanity does have a chance to reverse the spiral and thrive. As each one of us makes choices every day that move away from negativity and world destruction, we move toward positivity and inspire hope for a wonderful future based on unity, togetherness, honor, and respect for each other and our precious planet.

Blessings of Hope, Respect, and Peace,
Lois Hermann

“Go placidly amid the noise and the haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible, without surrender,
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly, and listen to others…”
— Max Ehrmann, from the Desiderata