Are you completely confused by the chaos in America? What is truth… what is fiction… what is real… what is fake? Are you concerned about the new president and all the significant issues he seems to be causing? Are you worried about your future? What do we know… really? We do know that anything the media says is false. We know that some friends who have been fed these false narratives are acting very arrogant and mean. We know that people have become very disenfranchised and despondent for many reasons. We know that the spiritual people are suggesting we hold hope for a bright and glorious future. WHAT??? That sounds completely crazy considering all the confusion.

Today, we will discuss how to keep your energy positive and strong in this time of extreme confusion and total madness. My guest is a powerful psychic energy worker who has the amazing gift of being able to tap into the wisdom of beyond. Rose Neves-Grigg will share some insights to help you navigate through this time of uncertainty in just a few moments.