Are you ready for Virtual Sessions?

Over the years, clients from around the world have benefited from the virtual sessions I have facilitated. From India, to Germany, to California, and Massachusetts, many clients have achieved great success through their remote hypnosis sessions, including regression, past lives, spirit release, and energy clearing processes. Since COVID hit earlier this year, I have facilitated hundreds of hypnosis sessions successfully from my home-based office.

These remote-based sessions provide clients the benefit of staying where they are, which lessens the stress of having to drive someplace and relax on command. It also affords the security of non-exposure. Clients embrace the opportunity to take extra time to process the information after the session in their own quiet space, without having to immediately get up and drive home. People have done sessions while relaxed in their cars, offices, hammocks, dorm rooms, beds, couches, even the tack room of their stable!

These home-based sessions also afford me the luxury of staying home, especially when the weather is challenging. I can put supper on at a reasonable time and enjoy the gardens around my home to balance my energy in-between sessions. Please note, I have only my husband in the house and two cats who readily reside outside my office door. People with family members and dogs at home may have some challenges with boundaries to maintain a space quiet enough to focus on clients without distraction.

Suggestions for rewarding remote hypnosis sessions

Use online scheduling software (Acuity is one option).
Include a description of Zoom service on the website and in scheduling email.
Offer an optional 15-minute free telephone consultation.
Set up an online payment system through your website.
Include a minimum registration fee to secure the appointment.
Send link to Zoom session one or two days in advance.
Schedule a half-hour between sessions to allow for log-in glitches and personal energy break.

Your Space:
Your office area must be a private, quiet place without distractions.
Position yourself to be clearly seen with soft lighting on your face.
Invest in camera, microphone, up-to-date computer.
A land-line connection is best – WIFI can be unstable.
Limit having other applications open during sessions.
Use music for you only. Keep it low as it can be distracting to clients.

Initial Session (intake only):
Be patient with clients who have log-in issues.
Let them get comfortable with the computer, iPad, or smartphone.
If it takes extra time to log in – add that amount of time at the end of the session.
If their signal is unstable, have them turn off other applications.

Expectations for future sessions:
Remove distractions – quiet place with phone on silent.
Family – must be asked to respect their privacy.
Pets – dogs outside (they bark), cats okay if allowed on their lap.
Relaxing space – couch, bed, comfy chair, car, closet, hammock.
Head/neck – supported by a cushion.
Hands – must be free (device must be propped).
Lighting – soft light from the front to clearly see their face.
Sound – headphones are optional for their convenience.

During the initial consultation, I let them know that clients really enjoy the home or remote office-based sessions. They have less stress at having to drive somewhere to be on time and they relax more comfortably in their own familiar space. After the session, clients have the opportunity to remain in a relaxed state to process their experience more fully, instead of having to come back to full awareness and leave the space.

At the beginning of the first hypnosis session, set the expectation by telling them that no-one ever gets stuck in hypnosis. Give this direct suggestion: “If for any reason we lose connection, you will notice that I have stopped talking. You will gently come to a waking level of trance and call or zoom back into the session. I will wait for you.” Be sure you have their mobile phone number in case you need to reach out to them.

Please note, I avoid doing intense or regression journeys on days of inclement weather or if the connection seems unstable. Instead, I choose a more uplifting, self-hypnosis, or positive reinforcement session for that day and reserve more intense sessions for another time.

My clients and I truly enjoy the remote sessions and I have developed remote training programs that are highly successful. In my remote training programs, classes are scheduled at weekly or bi-weekly intervals and trainees are given homework to practice on their own clients. When they return to the next class, they will have had active experiences with applicable questions to be addressed before moving on to the next phase of instruction.

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