Blessings for a Happy New Year 2021!

What an eye-opening year 2020 has been! For many, we are seeing with different eyes, awakening to deception, corruption, and supporting those who are working tirelessly to reclaim America and the world.

In today’s show, we discuss the importance of the great awakening, and how we can help create a world of peace in 2021. With all that we learned from last year, many are seeing with new eyes… beyond the shadow of illusion into the light of reality and celebrating a new era of peace and grace.

I am joined by my associate, Kathy Kubacki, an amazing intuitive healer who has been on the show before. We have an open dialogue… asking questions that people are afraid to ask… about all that is going on in our world at this moment in time. We will share insights on preparing for this new age… this great awakening.

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